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5/09/2021 -  NY Reunion Info posted by "Richard Carballo" on FaceBook.

5/07/2021 -  New Photo added to the Anniversaries page of the "Informal Gatherings" Section.    Additional NY Reunion Info posted by "Richard Carballo" on FaceBook

5/03/2021 -  Two new pages have been added to the "Reunions" and will be updated as more info is provided by Richard Carballo  and Charlie Vogt.   

5/01/2021 -  May theme changed on "Home" Page.  Anniversaries and Birthdays added to the May "Updates" Page; New photo from Harvey  Pearlstein on the Families Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section.

04/29/2021 -    Mailing address for  "Gino" .  New photos from Jeff Chasan  on the 2021 page of "Informal Gatherings"

04/28/2021 -    Messages from classmates who have spoken with  "Gino"

04/27/2021 -   Thanks to Jeff Chasen for the correction to phone number on  "Gino"

04/26/2021 -  AFTERNOON EDITION: An update from Marcy on  "Gino"

04/24/2021 -  EVENING EDITION: A new page has been created to keep everyone informed on our classmate Gino Lynch's condition as we receive updates.

An update from Frank Curtin and a note from Cameron found on Facebook.  Both may be viewed on "Gino"

04/20/2021 -  An update from his brother Robert on  "Gino"

04/19/2021 -  EVENING EDITION  A new note from Marcy regarding "Gino"

04/17/2021 -  EVENING EDITION  A new note to Marcy from Gino's brother Robert and a photo from Gino's son Cameron on "Gino"

04/10/2021 - EVENING EDITION  A new e-mail address for our Classmate Joyce Megar-Kassof added to her yearbook photo and a note from Roni Cojac-Mintz to Marcy on  "Updates" 

04/06/2021 -  A new note and photo from Gino's brother Robert on "Gino"

04/04/2021 -  Happy Easter

New photo of Audrey Pettit and Sam O'Donnell (1967) has been added to the Wedding Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section.  The photos are in chronological order 

04/02/2021 -  A new photo added to the Anniversary Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section.   

04/01/2021 -  April theme changed on "Home" Page.  Anniversaries and Birthdays added to the April "Updates" Page

Our condolences to Pat Pandolfi-Cox.  See "Updates"  and "Informal Gatherings" Pages

03/29/2021 -  National Vietnam War Veteran's Day. 

Thank you to all "Our Veterans" who served 

News from Gino's brother a rememberance note on "Gino's" Page 

03/28/2021 -  Afternoon Edition

Message from Robert on "Gino's"Page 

03/28/2021 - Some (hopefully) better from Iris Chapman to Marcy.  See "Gino's" Page.

03/27/2021 -  Evening Addition.

 See update on "Gino"

03/26/2021 -  Evening Edition. 

More prayers needed for Gino.  His brother Robert says Gino is having another surgery tomorrow (Saturday 3/27).  

See a new photo on "Gino's" Page

03/25/2021 -  More great news about "Gino" and  Passover Greetings from "Doug Greener"

03/23/2021 -  Evening Edition - A note from Marcy on "Gino's" Page

03/22/2021 -  Note from Doug Greener on "Updates" Page and photo added to the Anniversary Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section

03/19/2021 -  Evening Edition - Another note from Marcy on "Updates" Page

03/19/2021 -  Note from Marcy on "Updates" Page

03/17/2021 -  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our classmates

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03/07/2021 -  Note and new photo from Doug Greener added to the Families 2021 Page in the "Informal Gatherings"

03/01/2021 -  March theme changed on "Home" Page.  Anniversaries and Birthdays added to the March "Updates" Page

02/23/2021 - Evening Edition:  New "photos" added to Carol Anne Anchor-Zachmann Page 

02/23/2021 - We are sad to report the passing of another classmate, Carol Anne Anchor-Zachmann.  See "Updates".

02/16/2021 -  

02/15/2021 -  


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to all our classmates

02/02/2021 -  GROUND HOGS DAY!  "Updates"

02/01/2021 -  EVENING EDITION - New photo from Harvey Pearlstein on Our Familes 2021 Page in the "Informal Gatherings"  Section.

 Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day


02/01/2021 -  February Theme Changed on "Home Page".  Added February Birthdays on the "Updates Page" 

01/30/2021 -  A note from Marcy and great ideas from Roni Cojac-Mintz in the"Updates" section

01/28/2021 -  Another new Crafty Classmate photo from Pat McCauley-Mangels in the "More" section.  Anyone else have something to share????  Please send photos!!!!

01/24/2021 - We are sad to announce we have lost another classmate, Jane Lynch-Todd.  We will add her to the "Gone But Not Forgotten"  Page where you can view her obituary. 

See "Updates" notes from Steve Ross and Marcy 

01/21/2021 - New photo(s) of Anthony Campanaro added to the Then & Now  Page in the "More" section.  Also added his name to Florida on the map in the "Where We Are Now" Page

01/20/2021 - New photos added to the Crafty Classmates Page in the in the "More" section

01/16/2021 - New photo added to the 2021 page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section

01/14/2021 - Afternoon Edition Correction and addition to the note  from Marcy on the "Updates Page" 

01/14/2021 - Note from Marcy on the "Updates Page" 

01/01/2021 -  January Theme Changed on "Home Page".  Added January Birthdays and Annivesaries on the "Updates Page"