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Debby Miller-Isaacs

Dear Marcy,

Just received the sad news in regard to Debby Miller (Isaacs).

When I had lunch with her (Chickie Goldberg, Debby Miller & myself last year at KWONG MINGS!) she was very healthy & had a great sense of humor. Her company was enjoyed soooo very much. My goodness how fast things can happen.

I knew Debby in high school, however we never socialized outside of the H.S. environment. We had different 'cliques' of friends. It was only because of Chickie Goldberg that I actually got to sit down with Debby & Chickie - just the 3 of us at Kwong Mings - a lot of laughter, & honesty prevailed, and I will never - ever forget that day. It was just WONDERFUL! We broke bread together & I personally enjoyed her sense of humor & flair for life & respect her as a true LADY. 

Since then, we did in fact, speak a number of times on the phone. In fact - just before Labor Day (of this year 2007) we made tentative plans to get together just to have coffee & talk. Unfortunately, she was unable to do that.

Enjoy each & every moment . . . . .we do not know when those moments will END!

Love you all,
Lorraine Cuomo Shibani
Received 11/3/07

Deb's son 2.jpg
Deb's grandchildren.jpg
Deb Stan.jpg
Deb sister & kids.jpg

Debby with her son Kenneth.

Son Kenneth with Debby's two grandchildren Nicole and Zachary
Pictures submitted by Chickie Goldberg

Deb and Stan

Daughter Lori, sister Judy, Deb and son Kenneth

In honor of her dear friend Debby Miller Isaacs, who would have turned 65 this month, Chickie Goldberg Dennis submitted this adaptation of the poem Nanny.


My dear friend died today, dear Lord,
I’m sure that you must know;
The Bible says no sparrow falls
Without you saying so.

I think you’ll recognize her
When she stands before your throne;
But just in case you don’t
I’d like to make her presence known.

She isn’t very big you see,
Her hair is turning gray
You must see thousands like her
In a normal working day.

I’m sure you will remember
She was bold, brilliant and kind;
But I’d like to add a few things,
Just in case they slip your mind.

Please remember that she never
Spoke an unkind word to me,
And when I needed some advice
How she listened tenderly.

We went our different ways
Yet kept so much the same
No matter how far the time or space
Her soft, wise voice remained.

We never had a fight in high school
She made it an exciting time of joy
Whether it was cheerleading, gossip
Or just the latest boy.

Whatever part of me that’s good
Has surely been in part
Somewhere in our foolish teenage years
Held close to Debby’s heart.

So please, dear Lord,
When you look down
Upon her careworn face,
Remember that you’ve saved for her
A very special place.

Reserved for one small lady
Who was very dear to me;
Who fits so nicely next to you.
Who will be missed eternally.

Deborah Miller Isaacs

May, 1943 – November, 2007

Based on the poem, Nanny, written by Janis Osborne.

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