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Douglas Gibson

 So many good memories of Levittown & the high school years . So many years gone by.

Last time I saw anyone was 1981. WOW!!! Where did all that time go? Where do you start?

I have been in Connecticut the last 30 plus years. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife (# 2), four children and two grandchildren with the children & grandchildren scattered all over the east coast.

I have had good health so far.

I have had the pleasure of practicing medicine for some 35 years & despite HMOs, insurance companies & hospital politics, I still look forward to each workday. I have gone through several specialities ( medicine, radiology & recently addiction) and just left the hospital I was at for 25 years and just took a position of medical director of the Physician Health & Impairment for the state.

What I have learned over these many years---family and friends are the most important things we have.

I so admire all of you who have made the effort to keep up on your high school friends.

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