September 12th   (from Marcy)

First night home! 

We had pizza for the family dinner.


I am back in my own home after 63 days and it feels good.  I have a long road of physical therapy ahead of me, but I made it this far so I'm sure I can handle the rest.  Thanks to everyone for the cards and letters.  We have an amazing class.

My new best friend.  I wish I had one of these the day that I fell.  The technology is great.  You don't need to talk because if you pass out, the alert will reguster and someone comes to the house.


September 1st (From Marcy)

Honey tells me it is time for an update.  It is September 1 and Day 53 of my journey.  Paperwork is being filled out for a wheelchair that I will be using at home.  The nurses tell me that Medicare forms are started about two weeks before leaving. 

I cannot tell you how much it means to receive all the cards and messages from my classmates.  My kids were really impressed!

Honey is doing a phenomental job and that is such a stress reliever for me.

I miss Wi-Fi, DVR, Amazon Prime and Netflix.  Otherwise, this is a great place.  

August 21st  (From Marcy)


Two more weeks and my boot comes off. My ankle cast is off now. One day at a time. Can you believe they actually put weights on this boot for when I have to get up and walk? The thing weighs a ton on its own. It’s been 41 days since I took my fall am I am now working on being able to get around on my own.


August 19th  (From Marcy)

     Honey tells me it is time for an update on my progress.

     I am doing well and I'm able to stand again and do my rehab.  I feel that I get stronger every day.  I am on a new heart medication and so far it is working great.  No one tells me when I can go home!

     Newly sanded wood floors await me there. 


     I can't tell you how much it means to receive the cards and letters.  Back in 1961 I would have been shocked to see this in my future.

     Honey is a Wonder Woman! Keep sending her stuff.

  August 4th  (From Macy)

    Thank you for all the texts, emails, cards and packages. Special thanks to Frank Curtin who sat here 15 minutes Without Talking whiIe I slept. He returned on two other occasions when I was awake. Sleep is precious here. Rehab is on hold until I can stand again. But I did sit in a chair all morning.

     Yes this is me. 


      I have not been blonde in well over a year and keep my hair as short as possible. I’ve lost a lot of weight this past two years but they are slowly putting it back on me.
      I cannot thank Honey for all she has done single-handedly working on the class site. I picked a really bad time to be out of commission. She is very modest but she is doing a professional job.
     My time here has been extended but it is what it is and I will do whatever it is I have to do.


Thank you for being the greatest classmates ever!

August 1st


So many of you have asked me how Marcy is doing so I thought rather than individual messages I would post it here.

Marcy has been in the rehab center  (see below)  as a result of a fall in her home.  On Sunday she passed out and fortunately there was a nurse right there who caught her breaking her fall.  Marcy was unconscious and woke up in the hospital.  Apparently this was due to her heart issues.  She was in the hospital for two days while the doctor monitored her condition and changed some medications before allowing her to return by ambulance, to the rehab center to resume her physical therapy and hopefully regain her strength and able to go home soon.

On the bright side, as Marcy told me , the wood floors in her home needed to be refinished.  Her three children and two grandchildren took over the task of emptying the rooms in the house so the work could be done before she returns home.  Good timing!

I will continue to update everyone with the latest info on the top of this page.  I know Marcy will enjoy keeping up with all our classmate news and she views the site whenever she is able.  Please send things for me to post !  

July 24th


I know some of our classmates are aware but for those who are not, Marcy fell recently and broke a hip and an ankle.  She had surgery and is now in the Woodlands Ponds Rehab Center, New Paltz, NY 12561,  where she will probably remain for another 6 to 8 weeks.  Marcy tried to keep it a secret as she was not up to visitors,  answering emails or phone calls.  I am sure she would appreciate cards, notes or even texts, however the internet service there is very unreliable.