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Marcy Fall (McNally)

 In 1961 I went to New Paltz college after graduating from LMHS. I was married after my junior year in 1964 and the following year graduated and started teaching in a local school. Somehow I never made it back to Long Island. I have lived other places (California, Rhode Island, Mississippi) but always came back to the mountains here in New Paltz that I loved so much.

   My three children are Joan 38, Rick 37 and Theresa 33. The joy in my life is my granddaughter Frances, named after my mother. There is another grandchild coming in February and I'm very excited at the thought of doubling my pleasure.

   In 1981 I was widowed and had to raise my three kids alone for a number of years. I taught in the New Paltz School System until 2001 when I retired and embarked on a life of travel and relaxation. I garden with a passion, read and work on our class list for hobbies.

   I guess you can call this website another hobby, although lately it is becoming a little obsessive. I can't tell you all how much reconnecting with so many of you has brought unbelievable pleasure into my life. You make me feel eighteen again!

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