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Nancy Carpenter-Cook

 After LMHS graduation, Nancy attended Berkeley secretarial school in NYC. After finishing that program, Nancy was employed at Grumman Aircraft in Bethpage, and later at Photocircuits Corp. She married Stephen B. Cook (LMHS '59) and continued working while he attended medical school. Steve entered the Army after med school and they were stationed for several years at Fort Lewis in Washington state. They later moved to Delmar NY and then Peterborough NH, where years later Nancy and Steve were divorced.

Nancy and Steve had four children: Brian, Gregory, Christopher and Rachel. Gregory died in infancy. After Nancy's divorce, she moved to France with the kids for several years, studying French language and earning credits toward a bachelor's degree. She continued her studies after return to the U.S., earning her bachelors degree from the Thomas Edison State University in NJ. Nancy died on May 30, 1991 at home in Peterborough. She is survived by her children Brian, Chris and Rachel, her sister Carol Ketcham (LMHS '59) and her brother Robin Carpenter (LMHS '62), as well as siblings Christopher, Richard and Libby by her father's second marriage.

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