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Addendum to Pat Pandolfi's update email of May 15th.


Pat called me to say that she is still at her sister's on Long Island. She was sitting at the pool today and heard someone say, "Hi,Pat!" It was Marilyn Lerner. Marilyn was visiting her brother who lives in the same complex as Pat's sister. Marilyn reports that the usual Myrtle Beach get-together of the "girls" will take place the end of June and she will take pictures for the site. I told Pat it was too bad she didn't get a picture of the surprise visit. She called back ten minutes later to tell me she grabbed a disposable camera, went back out to the pool and had someone take the picture. Mission accomplished. We'll have to wait for the roll of film to be developed, but eventually we will have it for this site. If you have experienced a chance classmate encounter of your own, please share the story with the rest of us.

Via Email 5/25/08

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