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Come along with us on our trip back to where it all started!

Many thanks to the classmates who contributed photos of our reunion weekend:
Steve Bitel, Judy Cottrell, Pat McCauley, Pat Pandolfi, Stu Smith, Richard Burger, Marilyn Lerner, Bill Gluck, Tony Moors, Gino Lynch, Russ Mulroy, Jerry Murphy, Marcy McNally


Left to right: Steve Weissman, Barbara O'Connell hugging Sue Amrhein, Iris Kogel, Tom Tierney, partial head of Larry Carballo, Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Jerry Murphy in the high school parking lot.

Friday Night


Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Andrea Gilmore


Sandy Parrish, Pat McCauley, Steve Weissman and wife with Gino Lynch & Stu Smith


Ernie Brodsky


Gino Lynch & Pat McCauley


Jerry Murphy, Tom Tierney & Richie Smith


Describe your iPatty & Sue Tierney


Barbara O'Connell


Jeff Chasan, Richard Burger & Frank Curtin
Friday at Marriott

Kevin Farrell & his wife.

Kevin Farrell and wife_small.jpg

Gloria Russo, Barbara Bockmann, Judy Cottrell

Gloria Barbara Judy_small

Toni Salometo, Marcy McNally, Barbara O'Connell


TGIF Celeste Vives, Gloria Russo, Barbara Bockmann & Judy Cottrell


Gloria Russo Harvey Pearlstein


Gloria Russo


TGIF Toni Salometo, Marcy McNally, Barbara OConnell, Celeste Vives, Gloria Russo, Barbara Bockmann & Judy Cottrell


Joe Garafalo Richard Burger and his girlfriend

Saturday LMHS Tour

At the high school: Tom Tierney, Nei

At the high school: Tom Tierney, Neil Rose, Gino Lynch, Pat Pandolfi, Ken Sitomer


Larry Carballo Gloria Russo Bill Gluck


Phil Smith on right with an old neighbor from another class Bob Touchton


Barbara Bockmann at the museum


At LMHS site - Steve Weissman, Barbara O'Connell, Richie Smith, Rheva Mason, Helene Doctoroff, Sue Amrhein, Iris Kogel, Tom Tierney, Celeste Vives, Edie Diener, Gloria Russo, Frank Curtin & Jerry Murphy


Same group plus Larry Carballo


Inside LMHS - Tom Tierney, Harvey Pearlstein, Neil Rose, Sandy Parrish, Pat Pandolfi, Ken Sitomer & Barbara Bockmann


Edie Diener, Frank Curtin & Marcy McNally

Pat Marcy group_small

Front row: Tom Tierney, Pat Pandolfi, Marcy McNally Back row: Neil Rose, Gino Lynch, Ken Sitomer

Tom Tierney    Frank Curtin in red_small

Tom Tierney & Frank Curtin

Rheva Mason-Frank Curtin_small

Rheva Mason & Frank Curtin in red at right

murphy, g_small

Jerry Murphy

doctoroff, h_small

Helene Doctoroff

Iris Kogel_small

Iris Kogel

Stu Smith_small

Stu Smith


Iris Kogel, Larry Carballo, Tom Tierney, Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Jerry Murphy


Valerie and Joe Garofalo, Marcy McNally & Frank Curtin


Marcy McNally & Bill Gluck (Larry Carballo in background)


Vic Sassone & his wife, Mary Ann


Louise Denardo


Iris Kogel, Larry Carballo, Tom Tierney, Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Jerry Murphy

Levittown stove_small

Levittown original kitchen

Joe Garofalo_small

Joe Garofalo

Larry Carballo   Edie Diener  Decorating

Edie Diener & Larry Carballo Decorating

Edie Diener Larry Carballo _small

Larry Carballo & Edie Diener layout badges

Larry Richie_small

Larry Carballo and Richie Smith

Tom Marcy_small

Tom Tierney & Marcy Fall


Left to right: Richie Smith, Steve Weissman(waving), Rheva Mason, Barbara O'Connell, Sue Amrhein, Gloria Russo

Saturday Night

Vic, Doug & Frank

Warren Hechinger

From left to right: Neil Rose, Ken Sitomer, Frank Curtin, Doug Greener, Jeff Chasan Bob Stickle and Barbara Bockmann Ippolito

Tom Tierney

Steve Ross with wife Phyllis Saturday night

Steve Bitel, Jo Signorelli & Pat Pandolfi

Andrea Gilmore and Doug Greener

Jo Signorelli and Judy Cottrell

Maria Claps and Steve Bitel center

Standing: Roni Cojac and husband, Judy Cottrell Seated: Marcy McNally, Andrea Gilmore, Ginnie Faul, Toni Salometo

Barbara O'Connell and Stu Smith

Ginnie Faul, Jo Signorelli, Tony Moors (class of 60), Dee Gross

Dee Gross and Gino Lynch

Pat Pandolfi, Stu Smith & Dee Gross

Gino Lynch and Norman Ehrlich & Unidentified couple on the left (can anyone help on this?)

Sally Pittman, Russ Mulroy and Georgeann Amsler

Judy Cottrell, Joe Oley and bride Ardy Clay

Steve Bitel Judy Cottrell Joe Oley and Ardy Clay

Warren, Gloria Russo and Iris Kogel

Warren Hechinger

Reunion night: Russ Mulroy, Dee Gross, Tom Tierney, Gloria Russo & Iris Kogel.

Iris Kogel, Tony Moors (class of 60), Dee Gross & Stu Smith

Jackie Murray (orange top) Sally Pittman Next to her Dale Edwards in green top with back to camera Joe Garofalo and wife to the right

Standing: Sally Pittman, Roni Cojac and husband, Judy Cottrell Seated left to right: Marcy McNally, Andrea Gilmore, Ginnie Faul, Toni Salometo

Lower left Sally Pittmann From left to right: Andrea Gilmore, Celeste Vives, Pat McCauley, Barbara O'Connell, Stu Smith

Maurice Cassano (husband of Louise DeNardo) , Louise & Richard Mangles (husband of Pat McCauley).

Back of Barbara Bockmann and Judy Cottrell Vic Sassone and Stu Smith across the table

Guidance Counselor Kay Porter with Helene Carmon, class of 65

Carol DeGregorio, Mary Mennette, Gail Shadwick, Marilyn Lerner & Sue Amrhein

Sandy Parrish

Sandy Parrish & Bob Stickle

Richie Smith

Rheva Mason

Russ Mulroy, Rose Antigiovanni, Diane Halpin & Sue Amrhein

Russ Mulroy and Sue Amrhein Prom dates 44 years later

Jean Pandolfi (LMHS 65) and sister Pat

Seated : Pat Pandolfi, Ginnie Faul, Toni Salometo Standing: Maria Claps

Louise DeNardo

Mary Menette with Gino Lynch

Lou Little

Larry Carballo, Iris Kogel & Gino Lynch

Judy Cottrell & Stu Blick

Joel Chesnoff (61) and Pete Scheer (class of 62)

Judy Cotrell, Barbara Bockmann & Phil Smith

Joan Frisch- wife of Lou Little (Both 61 grads)

Joan Frisch and Carol DeGregorio

Ardy Clay with old flame and new husband Joe Oley

Jeff Chasan

Iris Kogel, Rheva Mason & Helene Doctoroff

Gloria Russo & Russ Mulroy

Ginnie Faul & Andrea Gilmore

Frank Curtin raffling plaque

Frank Curtin

Newlyweds Ardy Clay and Joe Oley with Frank Curtin

Steve Bitel, Judy Cottrell, Barbara Bockmann

Doug Greener

Doug Greener & Harvey Pearlstein

Andrea Gilmore, Judy Cotrell & Celeste Vives

Bob Stickle & Mark Michaels

Bob Stickle & Gino Lynch

Jo Signorelli Russin, Ronnie Casper (63) and Joanne Clogher (62)

Steve Bitel and Bob Stickle Submitted by Sandy Parrish DuVall

Sunday Brunch

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