Come along with us on our trip back to where it all started!

Many thanks to the classmates who contributed photos of our reunion weekend:
Steve Bitel, Judy Cottrell, Pat McCauley, Pat Pandolfi, Stu Smith, Richard Burger, Marilyn Lerner, Bill Gluck, Tony Moors, Gino Lynch, Russ Mulroy, Jerry Murphy, Marcy McNally

Left to right: Steve Weissman, Barbara O'Connell hugging Sue Amrhein, Iris Kogel, Tom Tierney, partial head of Larry Carballo, Celeste Vives, Marcy McNally & Jerry Murphy in the high school parking lot.

Friday Night

Jeff Chasan, Richard Burger & Frank Curtin
Friday at Marriott

Kevin Farrell & his wife.

Saturday LMHS Tour

Saturday Night

Sunday Brunch