I saw two pictures on Facebook that made me stop and think that we have many classmates who served this country. I would like to create a new link "Our Veterans" and invite all our classmates who served to send me old pictures of themselves in uniform for that section. I will start with Gino Lynch and Steve Ross whose pictures on Facebook inspired this idea. Please help us make this new section one we can be proud of by sending those pictures. If you know any classmates that are Veterans, please let me know who they are so I can contact them to request the pictures. Thanks.

Above photo - thanks to Charlie Vogt (Class of 1965)

Rick Pastman was in the US Navy

1962 -1965
He served aboard the USS Newport News during the Cuban Missile Crisis
He served aboard the USS Essex out of Quonset Point RI.He traveled through Europe and the Middle East.

Gino Lynch

U.S. Air Force

Buzzy Testagrossa

US Army

 January 1962 - October 1964

Steven Weissman 

US Naval Air

January 1966 - February 1971

Rosemary with her brother Bill (Class of 66) who was a USN Seamen Parachute Rigger Striker

Bill enlisted in the Navy after his friend Kerry Geddes was killed in Vietnam.  

Rosemary had all three of their names listed on the Veteran's Monument in Eisenhower Park.  Monument #120.

Captain Rosemary McNerney

U.S. Air Force Medical Corps

Click to read the 

"Letter from Rosemary"

If you want to be recognized as a veteran and can't find a picture of yourself in uniform, then you can improvise like Army vet Frank Curtin. Nice hat Frank.

Thanks to Frank Curtin's daughter for digging this picture up after much searching.

Steve Ross - Navy LCDR

 1975 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Hi, just looked at the veteran page. I served 20+ years in the US navy serving on 5 aircraft carriers, making 2 Mediterranean, 2 Pacific, and 1 round the world cruises, served a 3 year tour in the Philippines (with family),. retiring in 1985 as a Chief Aviation Fire Control Technician. I'm not too sure that I can find a photo. Important events: in 1972, I married a USO volunteer. Important places: in 1971 I sat on the steps of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece and thought about "old." and in 1985, I stood at "ground zero" in Hiroshima, Japan and looked up 1000 feet..

Roger Folland '61

Yup, that's me, Vic Sassone. USAF 1961-1966. Hard to believe this photo was taken 59 years ago. Wish I new then what I know now.

Vic Sassone - Then & Now

It's hard for me to completely remember what it was like to be this 18-year-old Airman (back in 1962). And yet, I do remember feeling excited upon graduating 12 months of technical school, and optimistic about leaving for an 18-month assignment in Turkey.

I served at Karamursel Air Station in Turkey. Our mission was secret, but we jokingly used the cover story of refueling flying saucers. Hence the patch someone created for our uniforms.

Al Hoppe US Army Vietnam 1968 

 picture of me as requested!
 It was taken in 1968 in PHU LOI Vietnam where I was a member of the 520th Transportation Battalion Helicopter Repair Company.

Phi Loi, Vietnam....Made the best of it....Was very lucky!

Hi Marcy,
Attached please find my 'ARMY' picture that you requested. The photo was taken March 1967. I was in Vietnam from October 1966 to January 1969
Stu Smith

Ernie "Nick"Brodsky

Air Force

Joe Garofalo

Air Force

Jeff Chasan - Air Force 1961 and 1965

Allen Lehrich


Richard Madri


Joseph Vincinanza


Warren Heckinger

Air Force


   Kevin  Kinally 



Robert Stickle



Terry Blair