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         Anthony Campanaro

05     Mark Michaels

07    Andrea Gilmore-Brannelly

08    Larry Carballo

09    Steve Weissman

12    Diane Halpern-Althoff

14    Carol Lee-Eckhardt Daniels

17    Bob Lent

18    Craig Shafer

19    Susan Amrhein-Mulligan

21    Carol Anchor-Zachmann

       John Hughes

22    Ernie Brodsky

       Margie Mennette-Wares

       Mary Mennette-Deluca

       Marilyn Chotiner-Currier

26   Allen Garber

29   Ken Sitomer

30   Ann Greenblatt

31   Jeffrey Chasan


09                 Neil & Lisa Rose



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Hi honey,

Wishing the LMHS class of 1961 an enjoyable Fall season. This year has been extraordinary for autumn colors in the south. 

A bit of trivia I recently discovered. I was talking with a college classmate to find out he was the superintendent who closed our high school!!!

Roni Cojac Mintz

From Gino 10/25/2022


Hi honey.  Just gotten released from the hospital so my  numbers are back in the normal side of the scale again.. I miss my friends.



9/12/2022 - From Louise DeNardo-Cassana



Our 75th Anniversary Parade is on Saturday, October 1st and the Grand Marshals will be children of original owners of Levitt homes from 1947 to 1951 (renters included as owners). Many people of our graduating class are children of those early pioneers. 

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia. 

     Our dog Reena, almost 2yrs old, celebrated July 4th with our family of 10. Daughter/ family from Philly, son/ family in Atlanta.

     The Philly family ran the Peachtree Road Race- a big deal in Georgia. Approximately 50,000 people participate.

     After the race we all met at Waffle House- also a big deal in the South.

Stay well,

Roni Cojac Mintz


Letter to Marcy posted 06/08/2022


Hello LMHS class of 1961,

If you celebrate Easter/ Passover or both, have a pleasant day with meaningful conversation, good food with family and friends.

Marcy’s passing has affected us. She was vital in keeping us in touch. Not only did we go to LMHS but also together at New Paltz University. Our friendship developed because of this website . 

Thanks to Honey, we can stay connected.

Hopefully, you can enjoy NOW and continue to create the FUTURE. However, I believe our PAST was our foundation. Stay connected thru the website.

Alan and I have travel plans. We are excited to take a trip to Santa Fe, NM

Healthy holiday season,

Roni Cojac Mintz 04/14/2022

From Theresa Fall:

My mama, Marcy Fall died peacefully in my arms at 1:52am Sunday February 27th, after going into the hospital on Wednesday. We had hoped she would be coming home this week but things took a turn for the worse. She wanted to let go, she expressed her wishes for inpatient hospice care. We said our goodbyes and expressed our love. The last thing she said to my siblings and I was "I love you all so much, I am blessed". We are going to miss her so much. I will miss my daily visits and sharing books, and favorites shows and movies. My passion for reading, gardening and volunteering I owe all to her. She taught me how to escape through books and getting my hands in dirt and how helping people promotes healing within. As many of you know she was a dedicated and loving teacher throughout her life and still remembers all of her students. Every one. She loved Frances and Atticus more than anything in this world. This post doesn't even slightly cover who she was as a person or how I felt about her but I'm too heartbroken to properly articulate.

Calling hours will be Wednesday March 2nd from 3 to 7 at Copeland Hammerl Funeral Home in New Paltz. Funeral will be Thursday at 11am at St Joseph's Church with the burial following at New Paltz Rural Cemetery on Plains Road. The reception will be held at Garvin's Restaurant.

I am working in the obituary and will post a link to the funeral home here by tomorrow.

In lieu of flowers she asked for donations of canned food or checks to The St. Joseph's food pantry in New Paltz where she was a volunteer for many years

 With sadness, I will move Marcy's yearbook photo to "Gone But Not Forgotten".  

Marcy will be missed by us all.  

From Marcy:  Here is some information on the passing of Carol Dunne’s son in case anyone is close enough to attend services. It was written by her other son.

In just a couple of hours it will be a week since my little brother Dean Gerken passed away after a tough 15 months of battling Stage IV Metastatic Colon/Rectal Cancer that quickly spread to his bones. He was immediately put in “Palliative Care” but he still wanted to fight this evil disease. I am honored that I was able to take care of him for the last 4 months of his life in the comfort of our home. 

My Mom (Carol) & Norm are planning Dean’s “Celebration of Life” memorial service. 
Mariners Church in Irvine, CA

Friday, Feb. 11th at 10:00am with the lunch reception to follow. If you plan on attending the reception please RSVP as soon as you can. Norm is working on having it “Online” for viewing also.

(Posted 2/7/2022)

From Marcy:

Condolences to our classmate Carol Dunne Stout. Yesterday she lost her son Dean to cancer. She said it was the worst day of her life. Carol can be reached at

(Posted 1/27/2022)

 From Marcy:

I received the email below from Sally Pittman Smith. She graduated with us and I believe the last reunion she went to was 2005. She also went to New Paltz in the early 60s, but left to get married. She lived on Long Island for many years and then returned to this area where I live. She taught in Marist College And a few months ago a mutual friend who taught there died. I mailed the obituary to her or but I never expected to hear back. I just knew that she would want to know. Reach out to her to share some memories.




I don't believe this is spelled correctly but I'm doing this by voice activated text.  I suspect there will be a few mistakes because I haven't yet completely learned my voice or my accent and also my language preferences. Thank you for sending me the obit about Jim. The world won't be the same without him and I'm sure Marist is not the same without him. Those students don't know what they're missing .  I'll bet that you thought you would never hear from me. This obit was under my blotter on my desk and it's been there for months as you very well know. I hope all is well with you.  I hope all is well for the retirees that I know and those friends from a long time ago.. Let me  Know what you're up to. It would be nice to hear from you.  As you can see punctuation is still a problem I am trying to learn how to make it work better than it is doing right now

Sally.Pittman Smith

From Marcy 01-09-2022

Updated picture of Joyce Megar Kassof for Then and Now Page in the "More" Section 

Roni Cojac-Mintz sent it to me for posting. Roni asked me to call Joyce but it doesn’t seem to be a working number.

    If you are out there Joyce, feel free to call me!



This was from last nights Phoenix Suns game where in the commentary Joe Forte and his son are mentioned. FYI

Jeff Chasan 1/6/2022