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03/29/2020 -  New photo of 5th grade at East Broadway school  provded by Arlene Brambora-Campbell and posted on the School Daze Page in the "More" Section

03/26/2020 -  Panther Party 2021 - info from Richard Carballo  posted on the "Updates" Page

03/24/2020 -  Letter to Marcy from Betty Csontos-Shuster on "Updates" The photos from Betty are added to the 2020 Families page of "Informal Gatherings" Section 

03/23/2020 -  New Photo added to the Anniversary Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section 

03/21/2020 -  Newsday interview with Phillip Margolin on "Updates" Page.  

03/18/2020 - Message to all Classmates on "Updates" Page

03/17/2020 - Note from Phillip Margolin on "Updates" Page; Photos from Louise DeNardo-Cassano on 2020 Page of "Informal Gatherings" Section.  Phillip Margolin and Louise were both honored  at a dinner inducted in The Levittown School District Hall of Fame.

03/14/2020 - New Classmate information for Lee Goldberg-Dennis on the "Yearbook" page and her wedding photo also posted on the Wedding Page of the "Informal Gatherings" Section.

03/13/2020 - Check out Plan B for the Panther Party 2021 on "Updates" page.

New Classmate information for Margaret Cirillo-Librizzi on the "Yearbook" page. 

03/09/2020 - Thank you to Marilyn Lerner-Workman for the photo posted on the 2020 page in "Informal Gatherings" .    

Yearbook page is not working correctly.  I hope to have it repaired soon.

03/05/2020 -  "Yeabook" Page has a new look.  Alphabet added for easier access to view a classmates photo

03/03/2020 -  Do you have any interest in a possble 2021 reunion?  See "Updates" for info and who to contact.

03/01/2020 - Theme change to March "Home" Page; March Birthdays and Anniversaries added to "Updates"  as well as a note to Marcy from Steve Weissman and new photo on the Anniversary Page in the "Informal Gatherings" Section



02/26/2020 -   Panther Party 2021 Info on "Updates" Page

02/21/2020 -   Letter from Marlene Ginsberg on "Updates" page. 

02/20/2020 -  New Bio from "Marlene Ginsberg" and correction to the spelling of her name in the Yearbook Section .

Updated Bio information from "Phillip Margolin".  

02/15/2020 -  Congratulations to two of our Classmates who have been chosen to be members of the Levittown School District Hall of Fame.  Phillip Margolin, (who was nominated by Barbara Steinman-Bengals) and Louise DeNardo-Cassano will both be honored on March 12th.  


See  "Updates" Page. (The letter to Louise was the first item posted on that page this year)  

02/12/2020 -  Panther Party tentatively scheduled for Friday June 18, 2021 on Long Island.  Interested?  Check out the "Updates" Page for more info.

02/11/2020 - If you missed the "July 2019 Gala Event"  you may have a chance at another Panther Party. Interested? 

02/10/2020 -   Letter from Lois Christensen-Bish posted on the "Updates" Page

02/08/2020 -  New address for Janet Columbia on the "Yearbook" Page thanks to Lois Christensen-Bish.  

02/04/2020 - Correction to e-mail address for Janet Columbia in her message regarding the 1961 class ring toward the bottom of the "2019 Updates Page."  Please check your info on the "Yearbook Page" and let us know of any corrections.  

02/01/2020 - Theme change to February "Home" Page and February Birthdays and Anniversaries added to "Updates" Page.


01/26/2020 -  New link as been added to  All Things Levittown found on the "More" Page


01/24/2020 -  New posting found in "our Families 2020"

01/16/2020 -  New  photo added to the Gone But Not Forgotten "Faculty Page"

01/14/2020 -  New  photo added to the Anniversary Page of "Informal Gatherings"

01/11/2020 -  New photos added to "Informal Gatherings 2020"

01/09/2020 -  Afternoon Addition:  My sincerest apologies to Bob Levine, Audrey Pettit-O'Donnell and Andrew Alweiss all who were inadvertently left off the Booster Collage on the "Home Page"

01/09/2020 -  Congratulations to Louise DeNardo-Cassano - see "Updates"

01/08/2020 -  Added caption to photo posted on January 1st "Informal Gatherings 2019", New January Anniversary Photo added to "Informal Gatherings", New address for Mark Michaels added to his picture in the "YearBook" Section and a new Link has been added to the "All Things Levittown"

01/01/2020 -  Theme change to "Home" Page; January Birthdays and Anniversaries added to "Updates" Page, Thanks to Mark Michaels for updating his "BIO"

New Photos added to "Informal Gatherings"