Thought you may enjoy posting: left to right
Steven Ross, Richard Hecht, Gloria Russo, Roni Cojac.
Not sure of the occasion but it looks like fun!


Submitted by Roni Cojac


The photo Roni sent you is from my Bar Mitzvah Reception in May or June 1956



Hi Marcy and Honey,

Saw this on a LMHS post. Tweaked it.

Great Memory


On February 17th 1961 Russ Mulroy scored his1000th point

Louise DeNardo - Sweet 16 Party 


Front row L-R

Linda Calvi, my cousin not an LMHS student, Helaine Zimmerman (class of '63), Carol Calvi, Me, Lorraine DeVito, Bette Connah, Lorraine Cuomo is all the way in the back holding up the ceiling. 

Steve Keller (Class of 60) in red vest


Front Row - L-R

Eddie Wagner (Class of 60), Lorraine DeVito, Lorraine Cuomo, Me, Linda Calvi (not sure what class), Carol Calvi, Helaine Zimmerman, Bette Connah.

Back Row - L-R

my sister, Amelia DeNardo (class of '58), and a bunch of guys whose faces are familar, but names are not.

Janet Fosdick, Annette, Diane, Pat Lipp, Gloria Russo, Audrey Pettit, Pat M., Laura Allen

Esther Kaufman Singer, Marlene Ginsburg, &

Vivian Goldberg Auslander

Roni Cojac Mintz
at her 16th birthday party

Janet Fosdick, Marilyn Rajkovich,

& Audrey Pettit O’Donnell

Submitted by Rona Selski LMHS Class 1965