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In Loving Memory of

Class Wills

We post these with gratitude to Kathy LoMedico Polcari for mailing me the original Spotlight edition (June 9, 1961) that contained our class wills. I'm sure most of us never saved it and are seeing it for the first time in forty seven years. I'm also confident that most of us won't remember what they wrote until they look. Thanks for the memories Kathy.

I, Ann Marie Adamec, leave to Mr. Kavanagh Homeroom 310 and all the fun we had, along with a box of bubble gum for next year's homeroom.

I, Paul Allen, leave to Mr. Lamberti an award for "the best homeroom teacher of the year."

I, Susan Amrhein, leave to all future Varsity Cheer Leaders the good times and glory of cheering for a 04 football team.

I, Carol Anchor, leave to Miss Sullivan all my un-mailed letters and my well-used typewriter eraser.

I, Joan Anderson, leave to Miss Sullivan a recording of "Girls, use the dictionaries!"

I, Rose Antigiovanie, leave to any junior girl a well-used shorthand book to help her struggle along in Secretarial Practice with Miss Sullivan.

I, Michele Axman, leave to Mr. Fernandas a pair of glasses that stay on his nose.

I, Paul Banikiotes, leave to Mr. Hamm a year's subscription to the New York Times.

I, Herbert Baynon, leave to Mr. Claps one broken citizen band transceiver and test equipment in the same shape.

I, Richard Beekman, leave to Mr. Balitsos a condensed version of "The Fundamentals of a Winning Football Team" together with a brief solution of ways to combat ulcers on the gridiron.

I, Terry Beital, leave to Mr. Hawkey and Mr. Fernandes my deepest appreciation and greatest respect.

I, David Berger, leave to the seniors of L.M.H.S. Mr. Agostinihave fun!

I, Stuart Blick, leave to Mr. Weiss the hope that some day L.M.H.S. will have a life drawing class in which H.G. will be the teacher.

I, Marilyn Blumenthal, leave to Mr. Strong my twenty-five college catalogues.

I, Gayle Brinko, leave to L.M.H.S. a lot of my things because I can't find them.

I, Ann Brown, leave to Arlene Droge another year of that wonderful subjectPhysical Science with Mr. Lacara.

I, Claudia Byrd, leave to Linda Araki and Pat Tight my broken test tubes from lab, the great laughs and fun in Chem class, a seat next to me in summer school and a well worn cook book.

I, Anthony Campanaro, leave to Mr. Kavanagh one copy of a Yogi Bear comic book.

I, Judy Cottrell, leave to Miss Curtin a permanent supply of tranquilizers and a rest home near the Botannical Gardens.

I, Bradford Crook, leave to Mr. Bimbie one elevator to replace the stairs in the Washington Monument.

I, Frank Curtin, leave to Gene Lynch one money clip containing $45 that he clipped from us.

I, Lorraine Cuomo, leave to Mr. Kavanagh one homeroom of grade 11 1/2 TO KEEP.

I, Elizabeth Delvers, leave to Richard Ackerman a level to preserve that inimitable haircut.

I, Louise De Nardo, leave to some very lucky girl a beaming smile, ten broken fingernails and a typing job in the Coordinator's Office.

I, Disappointed, leave to all the students the social sobbery of Levittown.

I, Diane Dobbin, leave to Mr. Lenihan a year's supply of chewing gum for chewing and betting purposes.

I, Helene Doctoroff, leave to Mrs. Consentino my shredded cheerleading uniform, my straggly shakers and my oversized tights.

I, Howard Ebert, leave to Mr. Booth all my worse paintings.

I, Carol Lee Eckhardt, leave to Mr. O'Donnell  Lynn Brown to take my place as chief "nasty child" in Latin IV.

I, Arlene Edelman, leave to Mr. Hamm a ten-year subscription to the New York Times.

I, Ronnie Emmerich, leave to Mr. Noble my nose guard to give to some lucky guy so he can scare the opposing pitchers,

I, Frank Esposito, leave to Miss Curtin all my poetry notes and Prose and Poetry book to confuse nest year's seniors.

I, Lillian Caparell, leave to any sloppy dresser my three year collection of borrowed sweatshirts and holey sneakers.

I, Larry Carballo, leave to "Crash" Lo Truglio a free pass to race at Freeport Stadium every Saturday night.

I, Kathy Carll, leave to Mr. Bimbie a book, "The Memories of Diamond Lil"

I, Charlotte Carr, leave to Mr. Kavanagh a lifetime subscription to Mad and an autographed picture of Alfred E. Newman.

I, Maryanne Caulfield, leave to Mr. O'Donnell five unpaid bills from the Senior Snack Bar, with patience and understanding to go with them.

I. Joel Chasnoff, leave to Miss Curtin a foam rubber baseball bat for delicate heads.

I, Lois Christensen, Ime to Mr. Kavanagh Betty Botta's bit of bitter butter, 45 pounds of torn up English notes, and 15 packs of Double Bubble

I, Janet Columbia, leave to Barbara Brinks my space cadet helmet and my individual attention in case she gets Mr. Agostini in her Senior Year.

I, Janice Commentz, leave to Mr. Foster a king-size autographed picture of Richard Nixon.

I, Carol Cooper, leave to all my friends the memories of all the fun we had together throughout our stay at L.M.H.S.

I, Bob Fallacara, leave to Gene Lynch a used Mafia report and his membership armband black and black.

I, Virginia Faul, leave to my sister Linda a box of caste-iron nylons to withstand runs from school chairs and desks.

I, Roger 0. Falland, leave to Chris Widman one copy of the "Blah Blah Cha-Cha".

I, Roger Friedland, leave to Mr. Lenihan one stick of chewing gum.

I, Victoria Gabrysiak, leave to Mr. Hamm all future editorial pages of the New York Times and to him and Mr. O'Donnell my appreciation.

I, Diana Genna, leave to next year's Senior Class Treasurer one adding machine.

I, William Gluck, leave to Miss Curtin a caste-iron ruler to beat her students with next year.

I, Chickie Goldberg, leave to all Sophomores three great years in L.M.H.S.

I, Lawrence Goidberg, leave to Mr. Bimbie my live imitations.

I, Vivian Goldberg, leave to Richie Ackerman and Jay Goldberg one small, dark-haired reporter who will whizz paper airplanes past their noses while they are trying to work; and to Mr. Hawkey, my everlasting gratitude.

I, Douglas Greener, leave to L.M.H.S., a new and ever-increasing confidence in America's future

I, Mark Harris, leave to Mr. Hamm, a complete collection of the writings of Arthur Krock.

I, Al Hoppe, leave to any future senior, the job of trying to collect money from his class members.

I, John F. Hughes, leave to Mr. Bimbie, three days detention at the Burlington Hotel.

I, Warren Karp, leave to Mr. Kavanagh, something.

I, Esther Kaufman, leave to Mrs. Weill, one large cup of coffee.

I, Faye Kaylor, leave to my brother, Jim, some great times and much work in high school.

I, Regina Kerr, leave to Mr. Lo Truglio, another split-

I, Carol Klein, leave for Mr. Kavanagh, one pack of Double-Bubble gum.

I, Ellen Korbin, leave to Jill Rosenbaum, Mr. Lenihan's old-world continental charm.

I, Iris Kogel, leave to Richie Eahner, one pool table.

I, Richard Kotler, leave to Ginny Weaver, the pleasure of sitting in the same room as Mr. L. once again.

I, Linda Kramer, leave the girls of L.M.H.S., rough edges on the desks that caused the destruction of 100 pairs of my stockings.

I, Alien Lehrich, leave Miss Curtin, hair lotion for the Bard,seventh graders for the seniors, and books for the illiterate.

I, Bill Leitner, leave to Mr. Chase a new paddle to replace Coach Wood.

I, Madeline Lennox, leave to Louise Capria, the position as captain of the Red Team and the Panther-ette trophy.

I, Norman Levi, leave to Leonard Baltic, the job of hanging up various "Looney Tunes" on the walls of Mr. Kavanagh's room.

I, Linda Levy, leave to Mr. Agostini, New Frontiers to Conquer.

I, Patricia Lipp, leave to all future members of Girls' Leaders Club, my white uniform and exercise drum.

I, Pat Lombardo, leave to Mr. Draser, my sincere sympathy in knowing U.S.

I, Kathy Lo Medico, leave to any junior, the joy and pleasure of having Miss Curtin for a homeroom teacher. Be careful you don't carry the water bucket.

I, Carol Lutz, leave to the Class of '62 all the Senior privileges we didn't have.

I, Jane Lynch, leave one broken record to Mr. Kavanagh, Kavanagh, Kavanagh, Kavanagh.

I, Pat McCauIey, leave to Mr. Brostowin, one white beer barrel with six cans of imported beer.

I, Carolyn McGrath, leave to Mr. Lelah a portable tape recording of "clear the halls everybody."

I, Marcy McNally, leave to Evy Wergeles a picture of Mr. Cillione to drool over and the hope that she gets him next year as a study hall teacher.

I. Rosemary MeNerney, leave to Mr. Bimbie the original copy of "Poco Pelo" and my apology for never answering his question???

I, Richard Madri, leave to Mr, Mills and Mr. Kavanagh the "Untouchables."

I, Rheva Mason, leave to any member of Epsilon "The Fraternity Paddle you've all been looking for."

I, Gerald L. Matis, leave to Mr. Noble one corpse lying below the window of the calculus classroom.

I, Joyce Megar, leave to Levittown Memorial High School all the class notes I ever took.

I, Mark Michaels, leave to Mr. Schechtel one copy of Physics Made Very Simple.

I, Julie Mosca, leave to the class of '62 a whole new batch of Seventh graders!

I, Russ Mulroy, leave to Miss Curtin two dozen broken alarm clocks.

I, Jerry Murphy, leave to Crash "the Rock" Lo Truglio my erector set so that he may bank the 200 corridor, in order to prepare for "Daytona Beach" next winter.

I, Barbara O'Coimell, leave to Mr. Bimbie a dictionary.

I, Cathy Ogden, leave to Mr. Foster my Nixon buttons.

I, Pat Pandolfi, leave to my sister Jean my two terms of chemistry.

I, Harvey Pearlstein, being of sound mind, but bruised body, leave to a future gym student my cast and my cancelled gym insurance policy.

I, Katherine Anne Pia, leave to Doris Meetze a ten thousand ton jar of gooey black eye mascara.

I, Maureen Perhala, leave to Miss Sullivan a set of broken fingernails from working the comptometer.

I, Phyllis Porton, leave to Mr. Agostini an entire class of Democrats.

I, Pram Prince, leave to Mr. Agostini one broken right hand and a presidential appointment by Nixon.

I, Harvey Rafofsky, leave to Mr. Bimbie a list of old names: Jacque, Pierre, Steve Reeves, and Dean.

I, Norman Rheaume, leave to Mr. Hamm a lifetime subscription to the New York Times.

I, Angela Ricci, leave to Mr. Lerner, a whole class of Senior girls in Retailing I and II next year.

I, Barbara Rome, leave to Miss Sullivan all my bubbles.

I, Neil Rose, leave to Mr. Feinstein his weather station and Jeff Chassen to go with it.

I, Steven Ross, leave to Jay Goldberg the feeling "Why does everything happen to me!"

I, Bob Rubenstein, leave to Mr. Hawkey my Nashian Inspirations and rabbit-complex.

I, Tom Ruggieri, leave to Mr. Brostowin twelfth grade English classes all of Jesse Locker's relatives hoping they will remember to bring their books to class.

I, Gloria Russo, leave to Mr. Scinto one clean handkerchief and all my sneezes.

I, Antoinette Salometo, leave to Eileen Hunt all the cardboard boxes and black paint she wantsalso a dirty sweatshirt and holey sneakers.

I, Arlene Samet, leave to Mr. Bimbie another Spanish IV class just like this year's.

I, Vic Sassone, leave to Mr. Rowan a list of all the secret hiding places from the lab assistants.

I, Elsie Schmidgall, leave to Miss Sullivan a built in pigeon coop for room 106 for all the poor, stray, helpless pigeons flying around.

I, Judy Schwartz, leave to Mr. Draser a batch of unfinished work which may be found under a pile of more unfinished work.

I, Helmi Shaw, leave to Miss Sullivan one giant typewriter cover to end all, the mass confusion when the bell rings.

I, Gail Siegel, leave to Mr. Lerner all my "Behave" papers written in advance.

I, Carmen Sierra, leave to the following Senior classes success and happiness throughout their Senior Year.

I Jo Signorelli, leave to Mr. Hamm, my Cit Ed. teacher, a book entitled "Facial Expressions".

I, Carole Singer, leave to any rabbit two carrots every day for lunch.

I, Haydn Slomack, leave to Peter Scheer an out of tune piano for accompanying the choruses.

I, Richard Smith, leave tc any varsity bowler one slightly used bowling ball (and I do mean slightly used).

I, John Spiezio, leave to Miss Curtin all of the thickest and hardest rulers for next year's students.

I, Grace Squance, leave to Miss Sullivan the job of getting enough covers for all the typewriters in the back of in the back of Room 106.

I, Barbara Steinman, leave to Mr. Hawkey a stack of unmarked grammar

I, Steve Strauss, leave to Mr. Brostowin a free set of Dan Lurie barbells.

I, Joel Strom, leave to Mr. Hamm one New York Times and six file cards.

I, Gail Stevens leave to Mr. Pergolizzi another girl to take his attendance and get his briefcase from the Chairman's Office.

I, Robert Stickle, leave to Mr. Schectel one box of colored chalk for schematic drawings.

I, Elizabeth Sucher, leave to Jay Goldberg one airtight Book Insurance Office, complete with candy wrappers and Seventh Grade science books.

I, Jerry Suriff, leave to Mr. Kavanagh two tons of bubble gum to chew behind his students' backs.

I, Marjorie Sussman, leave to Mr. Bimbie a free pass to Versailles.

I, Don Swerdlow, leave to Mr. Agostini a spaniel named "Checkers."

I, Tommy Tierney, leave to Mr. Butler a big box of cookies.

I, Buzzy Testagrossa, leave to Mr. Agostini a years supply of Quiet Pills.

I, llene Tetenbaum, leav to Miss Loonam my sincere thanks for everything she has taught me.

I, Bobbi Thomsen, leave to Mrs. Weill a carton of Chesterfields and a jug of coffee for Mr. D.

I, Arlene Trimboli, leave to Mr. Agostini "a Kennedy rocking chair in which to bemoan Nixon's loss.

I, Barbara VanValen, leave to Mr. Kavanagh his Name, the thing he is most proud of, and a lifetime subscription to MAD.

I, Celeste Vives, leave to Mr. Bimbie three tickets to Town Hall.

I, Mike Vollkommer, leave to Mr. Bimbie a map to Castro's Beer Mill.

I, Andrew Wasnieuski, leave to Mr. Hamm a free subscription for the New York Times (1961-1962).

I, Bob Weybrecht, leave to Mr. Rowan, the remains of the Great Experiment.

I, Gwen Widman, leave to Christine Widman, all my past teachers, who will find Chris a very rare experience.

I, Roberta Willensky, leave to Mr. Kavanagh 100 curlers so he can have something to yell about next year.

I, Dorothy Willner, leave to Mr. Weiss a new cane.

I, Eileen Wolff leave Lo all fortunate L.M.H.S. friends the memory of all the adventures and breakdowns of my "Bessy",

I, Tobi Wolff, leave to Mr Brostowin the remembrance of all the times

I came late to homeroom and all the detentions I never served.

I, Hank Wright, leave to next year's Senior Class, Mr. Butler.

I, Mary Ann Yancy, leave to Mr. Lenihan a king-size case of gum and assorted mints.

I, Howard York, leave to Mr. Foster a Kentucky Rifle Factory and a single-breasted suit.

I, Betty Zeitler, leave to Mr. Noble my calculus notes so he can refer to them next year, if he can translate them into English.

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