Crafty Classmates

Hi Marcy..

I am OK with your putting any of my Facebook leatherwork pictures on the class web site.

My leatherworking website is as listed ... Richard Madri (9/7/2020)

Hi Marcy,

I read that you and Honey are asking for hobbies that have surfaced during COVID. I collect magazines/ catalogs/ paper- anything that could be part of a collage. I finished these during COVID. The kimono is actually a metallic gold.


Our grandson graduated from high school in Philly. He is a freshman at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Anyone have a grandchild attending that University?

Hope classmates are doing well. Roni Cojac Mintz (9/4/2020)

Pat McCauley-Mangels, one of our 'Crafty Classmates'  (the first of many, we hope, who will  send us pictures to add to our new page), has been creating beautiful artwork  like this using Diamond Art kits.  The first two are completed and are gifts to family members.   The horses are a work in progress and has a 3D effect.