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Gino Lynch

My only goal in life, and still is, was to be together with that one special person in life. To this date I'm still trying to reach that goal. You know that person that I'm talking about, the one person that makes your socks roll up and down as soon as you see them.

I left New York when I was 18 by joining the military for a four year active hitch, and during that time learned about a few things in life, but I think everyone learns a few things in life during those 18-22 years of their life. At 22 I entered Pittsburg State in Kansas and found myself four years later with a B.S. in Education and married.

I left Kansas heading for California and the California surf, as surfing was my total passion. While in California I earned two masters, one in art and the other in school administration. However, once I received my second masters I resigned from teaching after eleven years, divorced from my marriage of twelve years, and started a commercial art business which I am still running.

I taught surfing for two colleges, and pottery for one college, and now I don't want to teach at all - I just want to do the projects myself. I throw with a group of studio potters from Santa Barbara every Saturday morning, and spend the rest of the week doing whatever people hire me to paint - watercolors, boat lettering, murals, whatever.

I have a thirty year old son, and an eight year old granddaughter.

I still surf, backpack the Sierras, the coast line, the Redwood forest, whitewater kayak the Kern mostly, but now I want to kayak the Colorado in the Grand Canyon. I am a total vegetarian, and have tried to hold a vegan attitude for the past ten years. I'll send photos as soon as I can, since the mud slide has destroyed 99% of my photos and I don't have many left.


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