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On April 28th a reunion for the Florida classmates took place. Pat McCauley Mangels, Carol Manning Del Prete and Honey Murway Cottrell did all the organizing. There are a lot of pictures so you will need to be patient while they get sorted, labeled and organized. Keep checking for more this month. Below is what Honey had to say about the event:

The reunion was a huge success. Carol and Pat did such an awesome job with the food, drink, decorations and there were ticket drawings and 'memory games' and everyone received a goody bag full of memorabilia from our youth. I can only touch on a few of the things those two ladies did to pull off such a great day.

Pat made the white hat with flowers and Carol made the $bill roses in the vase for me as gifts. It was all so special. The center pieces were made by Carol and the signs by Pat.

Their husbands, Sal and Rich were the 'Soda Jerks' who served the special Chocolate Egg Creams that most of us grew up enjoying, in small coke glasses. They were such good sports and I think had fun dressing up in apron and hats Carol made for them to wear.
Check out the corsages made by Carol. Since today was Barbara O'connell's birthday she was presented with the Sweet 16 corsage and I chose the life savers for mine, Pat had everyone sing Happy Birthday to both of us. I just cannot express how great it was to spend the afternoon with classmates reminiscing.

Attendees in addition to us and husbands

Ann Greenblatt
Marilyn Lerner-Workman
Gale Shadwick-Sorenson (class of 62}
Louis Capria-Farrell (class of 62)
Betty Csontos-Shuster
Buzzy Testagrossa
Barbara O'Connell
Carol Cooper-McComisky (and husband Gerald)
Laura Allen-Lalley (and husband Dick)
Joe Garafolo (and wife Val)

I thought I took more photos than I just sent, but was tough to visit with everyone and remember to take pictures. Thought if you just pick out a few to post on the website. I meant to take one large group photo and then forgot to follow through.

It was so much fun that another Florida Reunion may happen again in 2020.

PS. Buzzy brought an album of pictures from the 35th reunion to pass around. Several of us were in those photos. More reminiscing. He had a picture from the Senior Prom on his phone, which I will ask him to send to you for the website. 

All in all, a really great get together.

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