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Informal Gatherings History

Memories from 1985-2006


Hi Marcy !!

Hope your holiday is going well and that you have a great "New Years"..

Last night 12/28/2006 Russ invited me over to his home for a small get together.
Out of the past there sat "Artie Clark" ! I always wondered what happened to Artie. We go back to the 8th grade (Artie can be found in the way we were section of the "all boys class" pix in the last row ) and I haven't seen him in 45 years. Needless to say we all had a great time. I worked with Artie's Dad at Grumman until he died in 1972.

Attached please find the four pix from the get together.. (see above)

Enjoy and I will talk to ya soon..

Stu Smith

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Sept. 2003

Marina Del Rey, California
Ernie Brodsky (NY), Warren Hechinger and Jeff Chasan (Arizona)


California 2002

Jeff Chasan, Warren Hechinger
Submitted by Warren Hechinger


Summer of 2002
Get together at Ernie Brodsky's home on Long Island
Ernie Brodsky, Frank Curtin, Warren Hechinger


In February Brad Scott and Russ Mulroy and their wives made a trip to California to Jerry & Irene Murphy's home.
The following four pictures would indicate that everyone had a very good time!


Group shot of us in Jerry's Caddy Eldorado. Warren Hechinger & Gino Lynch came the last day. Gino's son Cameron took this shot.


Warren Hechinger on Saturday Night.


At Universal Studios: Jerry, Russ, Brad & a guy Brad picked up.



Karaoke Nite: me, Jerry & Brad doing our feeble attempt at karaoke which was setup inside Jerry's house. We proceeded to mangle 25 or so classic oldies. We had to let Jerry sing ... it was his house.