Informal Gatherings 

Hi Marcy and Honey,


Attached are a couple of photos from the Levittown School District’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony on last Thursday night. (One of the few events that was actually held despite the Corona virus!) There are two photos of Philip Margolin and me. In one, we’re posing for the elected officials’ photographers and in the other, we’re chatting while being videotaped by a Newsday photographer for a story Newsday is doing on him regarding his national tour. The photographer told me that the story is scheduled to be printed March 20th.

The third photo (DSCN3712) is a group shot with other inductees, elected officials, administrators and school board members.


Phil is second from the left standing and I’m seated on the right.

All of the inductees are graduates of one of Levittown’s three high schools: Levittown Memorial, Division Ave. and MacArthur.


In addition to Phil, (attorney , Peace Corps volunteer and author of more than 20 novels all NY Times bestsellers) and me (business owner, avid volunteer and mentor, community activist), the other inductees are:

  • Thomas Cafaro, MacArthur, 1967, lacrosse player. Not present.

  • William Griffith, MacArthur, 1962, Creator of Zippy the Pinhead cartoon

  • Gerald Claps, Mac Arthur, 1964, Educator, Driver’s Ed teacher in Levittown, District’s Career Education Center named for him. Not present – I think he’s deceased.

  • Fred Johs, MacArthur, 1972, attorney, child of original owner, Rated Top Legal Eagle by Pulse Magazine. Far right in photo.

  • Frank Russo, LMHS, 1980, entrepreneur, businessman, coach and orthopedic sports medicine sales rep, owner of Orthopedic Solutions. (Not sure he’s a Memorial grad – the photo book they gave us says he was but in the narrative it says he graduated from DAHS.) Third from left in photo.

  • Edward Scholl, LMHS, 1980, 26-year veteran of law enforcement with NYC and Nassau Police Departments. Second from right in photo.

  • Michael Verdi, MacArthur, 1992, well-respected and loved DAHS coach, passed away in 2019.

  • Eric Wedin, DAHS, 1997, VP Chubb Limited Insurance, Highly decorated athlete (football and lacrosse)Thorpe award winner. Not present.


This is probably more information that you need or want.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening with about 100 people in attendance.



Hi Marcy.…..attached is a photo of Betty Csontos and myself taken in Jupiter Florida....We try to see each other once yearly when possible...Betty was visiting friends in Stuart Florida and contacted me to go on a boat trip with them down the intracoastal to Jupiter for lunch......we had a great day.....Hope all is well Marcy.....Please confirm you have received this.....Marilyn