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Saturday, August 4, 2007 Class Picnic


I'm happy to announce that we have a confirmation on our bid to secure a spot in Eisenhower Park this summer. Helene Doctoroff Erb met with the caterers this morning and we have a great spot reserved in the park close to the golf course, bathrooms, ball fields and picnic area. We will have use of the park from dawn to dusk and use of the caterers for four hours at a time we choose ourselves. She is getting information on renting a tent in case of rain and getting a liquor license for the day for those who wish to bring their own alcohol. The catered picnic lunch does not include any alcohol. Hopefully later this week we will have more details and a menu of what the lunch includes. We need a minimum of fifty guests but I don't think that will be hard to do since so many classmates still live on Long Island and many don't mind traveling for our get-togethers. We will also look into hotels (probably the nearby Marriott - where we stayed for the reunion last summer) for those coming from out of town. The hotel is in Uniondale, NY not far from Eisenhower Park. The physical address and phone number are on the site. I would suggest waiting a while before making reservations so we can see if we can get a block of rooms at a discount rate like we did for the big reunion. We're not that far along with the plans yet!

As always we welcome your suggestions and/or comments. If you think you might be interested, drop me a line so that we have some idea of numbers. Helene suggested getting a coffee pot and buying bagels and coffee so that folks can start the day off early with breakfast in the park. She also suggested opening it up to our kids/grandkids so that it becomes a family type affair. Let me know your thoughts on this or on any other ideas you may have that will make this day special. Check this website later this week for any additional information we may get by then.

A big round of applause for Helene who left the house this morning in seven degree temperatures to be there by eight a.m. She waited four hours before finding out that we did get our spot. More to come. Stay tuned.....

Here's the latest on picnic news. Helene has been checking out restaurants in the park area so that we could have a place to gather Friday night- the night before the picnic. Many of us will be arriving in town that day and this would be one more opportunity to spend some time together. It's also a chance for those who live locally, but have other plans for that Saturday to still be able to see everyone. She wanted a place large enough to accommodate us but not as huge as the Marriott Sports Bar where we gathered the Friday night before the 2005 reunion. Ideally she was hoping for a place where we could reserve a private room away from the regular diners. I'm happy to report she has found the perfect spot! The restaurant is located right across the street (Hempstead Tpke) from Eisenhower Park. It is part of the Coliseum Motor Inn where several of us are staying.

It's called Spumante Restaurant. The address is 1650 Hempstead Turnpike, East meadow New York. They have a private room they will set aside for us. If you are a guest at the Coliseum Motor Inn, just show your room key and you will get a ten per cent discount on your meal. Helene is knowledgeable about food prices as she works for a caterer and she reports that the prices are very reasonable for the area. You can check it out at

Click here to see Friday Night Menu.

On another note, the park caterers asked for a four hour time slot to serve and cook the food. Helene chose from 12:30 to 4:30. However, our space in the park is available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
I have a cell phone list of picnic attendees made up and will email it out to those going at the end of this month so you can print it up. I still have a few attendees who did not give me their numbers. If you didn't get a request from me it's because I already have your number. If you did get a request and haven't sent it, please do so soon. Thanks. The picnic is less than a month away!


Via Email 7/5/07

Click Here for Picnic Menu & Ticket Prices

Who's Going As Of 8/1/07:

  Please let us know and we'll add your name to the list....

Amrhein, Susan (Mulligan) 2 Paid in full
Bitel, Steve Paid in full
Beekman, Dick Paid in full
Bockmann, Barbara (Ippolito) Friday night dinner only
Brodsky, Ernie 3 adults Paid in full
Cooper, Carol (McComiskey) 2 Paid in full
Curtin, Frank Paid in full
Doctoroff, Helene (Erb) 5 adults + 2 children Paid in full
Garofalo, Joe 2 Paid in full
Gibson, Doug 2 Paid in full
Gross, Dee (King) Friday night dinner only
Lerner, Marilyn (Workman) Friday night dinner only
Levine, Bob 2 Paid in full
Marcus, Ken 2 Paid in full
McNally, Marcy (Fall) Paid in full
Menette, Mary (Mattson) Paid in full
Nelson, Carolyn Friday night dinner only
Pandolfi, Pat (Cox) 2 Paid in full
Parrish, Sandy (DuVall) 2 Paid in full
Ross, Steven 2 Paid in full
Salometo, Toni Paid in full
Scott, Brad 2 Paid in full
Smith, Richie 2 Paid in full
Smith, Stu 2 Paid in full
Tierney, Tom 2 Paid in full
Wolff, Eileen (Turner) 2 Paid in full


Helene asked me to keep everyone up to date on our picnic plans. A tent large enough to hold eighty people has been rented so the picnic is on rain or shine. It is not too late to send a check and join us. Just call Helene and let her know you want to come. (Cell: 516-547-6867)

Friday night is set at Spumante's restaurant and it looks like we will have a good crowd for that too. She had dinner there this week to test it out and raved over the food and service. Some of you have asked me about a place for a Sunday morning breakfast. I called the Marriott, where we had brunch after the 2005 reunion and they still have that option. The price has gone up to $14.95 a person, but you can get up and go back unlimited times. We'll tentatively plan on a nine o'clock meeting time there, but will keep you posted if that changes. That's why the cell phone list is so crucial.

Helene will have coffee for those who will be in the park in the morning. However, coffee does not come with the barbeque menu. She suggests that those who must have their coffee fix after their meal, bring a thermos with their own. There are a number of delis and places in the immediate area that sell coffee to go.

Helene got the necessary liquor license for those bringing alcohol into the park. A reminder that beer must be in cans and not bottles. Glass is ok for wine or hard stuff. Food will be continuously served from 12:30 to 4:30 but we have full use of the area from nine to six thirty. Our area is called Scarlett Oaks and is easiest to get to from the Hempstead Avenue entrance to the park. Look for signs that say Parking Field Four.

I made up a cell phone list and emailed it out to those attending. If you didn't get it, please email me and I will forward it to you. Please bring your cameras for website pictures! I think I have covered everything, but feel free to email me if I left anything out or if you have specific questions about any of the weekend events. Looking forward to seeing all who come!


I plan to be at the Coliseum Motor Inn on Friday night. I would like to join the party for dinner.. Count me in for 2 people. I won't bring the ants to the party- that's Brad's job !!
C U soon..
Stu Smith

Via Email 7/9/07

Hi Marcy,
We have reservations at the Residence Inn for Friday and Saturday nights (using club points). I'll be on Long Island tomorrow (Sunday) so I'll check out the place where you will be staying. I sent you an e-mail with MY NEW CELL PHONE NUMBER. Did you receive it? Yes, I now have my very own cell phone. See you soon.
Joe Garofalo

Via Email 7/7/07

Hi, We got our reservation for the 3rd, 4th,& 5th at the Colseum Motor Inn. We don't know if we will stay for the extra day but it doesn't hurt to put in for it. We want to do some sightseeing around the area. I read about the restaurant for Friday night at school site. The restaurant looks like a very nice place. Will see you and everyone in a few weeks.
Carol Cooper (McComiskey)

Via Email 7/6/07

Hi nagging classmate...made reservations this a.m. at the hotel. Spoke to a guy with a Greek accent so I hope they made a note of the reservations between him and my cell phone it was a hoot. So we will be at the Coliseum Motor Inn on Friday. Not sure what time we will arrive but nevertheless, we WILL be there!
See you soon...can we bring you anything from Colorado?

Via Email 7/6/07

Hi Marcy,

I am sending off our check for the picnic on Aug. 4th to Helene. We will be there. We are making plans to drive up. Is there room at the Coliseum Motor Inn? We would like to try staying there. Can't wait to see everyone. Looks like a good crowd going.

Hope all is well with you. And will see you on Aug. 4th.
Carol McComiskey (Cooper)

The toll free number for the Coliseum Motor Inn is (800) 794-2100.

Via Email 6/27/07

I received a phone call last night from Helene and she asked me to share a progress report on picnic plans. She would like to remind everyone to send their checks as soon as possible since she still needs to order a tent and purchase a liquor license for those bringing in their own drinks.

Yesterday she rode over to the park to check out our section and she was very excited at finding out that it is easy to find, in close proximity to miniature golf, softball fields, tennis courts etc. Best of all it is very close to the bathroom facilities- a must for us seniors! Our section is called Scarlet Oaks. It is easiest to find if you take the main entrance to the park on Hempstead Turnpike. She said to look for signs that say Parking Field 4 and then park there. It is a very short walk from that parking field to our section.

Helene also wants you to know that she is ordering Dunkin Donuts coffee in a big jug and munchkins to go with it. That way anyone wanting to come early in the morning will have something to snack on before the barbeque gets going. She will also bring a boom box so that we can listen to 50's background music. (naturally not loud enough to block out conversation) She's making a trip to Party Time this week to pick up red tablecloths for our picnic tables. There are benches available for sitting in addition to the picnic tables. Those living locally are welcome to bring their own comfortable lawn chairs if benches are too hard to sit on. It sounds to me like she has all the bases covered. The picnic is six weeks from Saturday. If you haven't contacted me if you plan on coming, please do so soon so we have a better idea of how many to expect. Thank you Helene for all the work!


Via Email 6/25/07

Hey Marcy,

     I am a slow learner...just got on the website and found out the info on the picnic and your note about staying other places than the Marriott. I was hoping to get a better rate than $269 or whatever you said...where are the rest staying?
     Also will get a check off to Helene manana. I guess I am just slow in the head as well as the foot. By the way that is a funny spot with the picture of me and my cast and the cartoon!
     Looking forward to seeing you at the picnic.

Sandy Parrish DuVall

Several of us will be staying at the Coliseum Motor Inn on Friday and Saturday night which is across the street (Hempstead Tnpk.) from Eisenhower Park. I am very grateful to Barbara Bockmann, who lives in Wantagh for going over there and personally checking out the rooms and the grounds for us. The rates are $95 a night.
Special Features: Two Conf. rooms, restaurant on premises. Three Banquet rooms; outdoor swimming pool; color cable TV; free parking, AAA approval. 1650 Hempstead Tpke.
(800) 794-2100
Rooms: 112
Brad Scott and his wife Cindy will be staying at the Marriott Courtyard in Plainview, which is considerably less money per night than the one in Uniondale, but more expensive than the Coliseum Motor inn. I would suggest calling for reservations wherever you choose since rooms fill up on weekends in the summer months. The picnic is eight weeks from today and time has a way of flying as we get older.


I just wrote the check to Helene for me and Husband, Michael, to come to the picnic. We are looking forward to seeing many classmates from LMHS 61! And of course, you too. We plan to come up Thursday or Friday and stay with friends in Bronxville until Monday or Tuesday, so we will have extra time to hang with friends who also are going to be there for extra days.

By the way, when we were in California to see Warren, Tom had a list of friends and their cell phone numbers made up so that we could call each other about getting together. If possible, I suggest that the same is done for this event and sent out maybe a week before the party. It helps getting in touch when we arrive in LI from all our different places, and especially for those of us who will not be staying at the hotel and seeing each other at the hotel. Our cell numbers are 757-871-0160 (Eileen) and 757-871-4650 (Michael).

See you August 4. 
Eileen Wolff Turner

Ed. Note: We have made up cell phone lists for all our events and it has been useful when meeting for breakfast or last minute change of plans. Naturally I will make a list up again for this event. We did not have the necessary minimum of twenty rooms for a group discount at the Marriott. Some of us found hotel lodgings elsewhere since the rate at the Marriott is $269 per night. There are a number of hotels within close proximity to Eisenhower Park that are more reasonable. Contact me if you need help finding a hotel.

Via Email 6/9/07

Happy Wednesday!!!
Hi Marcy...
Cindy doesn't have to teach this summer...I passed all my classes. We're both so excited, we will arrive on Tuesday...Greyhound's schedule was better than Trailway's.
Look forward to seeing everyone at the picnic...I'll bring the ants.
Love ya,

Via Email 5/9/07

Hi Marcy

Nelsi and I look forward to seeing you at the picnic in August.


Richie Smith



Frank Curtin

Via Email 2/7/07

Good Morning Marcy,

We will be there!!!! Have to run, appointment at 10:15- going to be late.

Love Joe & Val Garofalo

Via Email 2/7/07


I had been planning on going, with the date being 8-4. So, put me down as a definite yes. I'm going to try and get away Fri AM and stay till Sun after breakfast--how about you?

Toni Salometo

Via Email 2/7/07


Will be there. Can't wait to see everyone!

Mary Menette Mattson

Via Email 2/6/07


We will try to make the picnic Marcy... have to figure out logistics but if the rest of the gang can get there we should be able to!

Sandy Parrish DuVall

Via Email 2/7/07

Hi Marcy,

YEA!!!!! Count me in for the picnic....I'll bring the ants! Cindy will be teaching at U.T . I'll be coming in 3-4 days before and stay 3-4 days after. Can you give me the website or physical address for the hotel you mentioned?
Love ya,
Brad Scott

Via Email 2/7/07

Hi Marcy !!
Great new about the picnic... Count me in for two people..
Talk to ya soon,
Stu Smith

Via Email 2/6/07

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