Carol Ann Anchor (Zachman)


     I was born in Brooklyn NY on Dec 21, 1942 and moved from there when I was six months old and settled in Wantagh between Sunrise Hwy and Merrick Road. Lived on there until 1952 when my folks bought their first house on Pine Street. I can remember many wonderful summers & winters in both houses. Never missed out on Christmas gifts even though my birthday was only 4 days away from Christmas. Santa was always good to me.

     Attended St. Barnabas in Bellmore until 6th grade and transferred to Holy Redeemer in Freeport. Still living in Wantagh, traveled by LIRR to Freeport everyday or hitch a ride with my mom. From 8th grade graduation and not getting into Catholic HS and having moved to Tardy Lane, I started school at Jonas Salk where my great days of HS began. There was a bunch that lived in the "T" section of Wantagh; i.e., Barbara Bockmann, Ardyce Clay, Maureen McDevitt, Barbara Ryan, Gloria, Billy Litner and others. I remember spending lots of time at the Levittown pool (one nearest home). I believe my brother worked there with the Nassau County Rec. Dept. Walking was never a problem We walked all over the place, from the pool to home and then to the candy store and then to Cherrywood to Woolworth's. Now I have trouble getting my butt in gear.

     After graduation, I worked downtown NY for United States Steel Export CO, 100 Church Street where I stayed until May 1965. I met Joe, my husband, through a mutual friend on Mother's Day 1962, dated for a year & a half, and got married on Mother's Day, May 10, 1964. We had 3 great kids, 2 boys (11 months apart) Bill and Joe and a daughter, Christine, who was the first girl in the family in at least 25 years, therefore she was known as the princess - now superceded by my granddaughter, Emily.

     We all moved to Georgia in October 1974 and have been here ever since. I still don't drive, but do save lots of money when home - could ride the bus, but when I shop - I SHOP! Kids are all grown now and living out on their own. My husband passed away November 1995, and I sold the house and I moved into an apartment - if something breaks, call the office and they do the work. Have 3 poodles which really belong to the kids, but grandma has custody and would be lost without them. Even though I have threatened to get rid of them, they keep me occupied and busy.

     I have been working with the government since 1975 - started out at Fort Gordon in Augusta and then in 1982 got hired by the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA. It is a training command - and there are no ships located in Athens. It's now law, it will be closing in 3 - 5 years and I am going to stick it out - I HOPE. Going to purchase a MEGA Ball ticket tonight and maybe I will win and then I can do whatever I want - my luck I will drop dead from shock.

Wedding of son Bill March 27, 2004
Left to right: the groom Bill, daughter Christine, Carol, son Joe