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Celeste Vives (Holden)

After I left SUNY Potsdam I married and moved to Syracuse and had a daughter, Laura, and a son, Don, two special additions to my life, for sure. Laura lives in Vermont and is married to an Englishman, John Lomas, who makes furniture ( and has a shop in Stowe, and Don is the athletic director of a local high school. They each have 2 children so I'm a happy grammy with the most edible kidlets known to man. They are truly blessings.

   Unfortunately I divorced, moved back to Maryland, where I'm originally from, and went to work for T. Rowe Price, a mutual fund company where I stayed for about 20 years before moving to Vermont to run my own bed and breakfast. I figured being a mother and wife I'd been doing B&B work anyway so now I'd get paid for it. I kept the Canterbury House in Woodstock for almost 8 years, sold it and once again moved back to Maryland and back to the same job I'd had since 1974.

   I am now working as an innkeeper in Skaneateles, one of the Finger Lakes of Central NY, about one-half hour from Syracuse. The house is called Hobbit Hollow Farm B&B, and is truly a lovely place overlooking Skaneateles Lake. Not a bad gig. So you can see that the money my folks spent sending me to college was completely wasted. Oh well.

   I was married briefly to Al Pacino (secretly) and then became a stripper in Atlantic City at the Trump Casino where I was the hit of the place. Oh wait, that was the dream I had last night. Oh well, I guess that's it for me. Hope to see all of you again and sooner than later.

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