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Happy Anniversary to Vic and MaryAnn Sassone celebrating 55 years of marriage on November 28th

Best Wishes to the happy couple Jeff & Carol Chasan who will celebrate 26 years of marriage on October 9th.


Congratulations to Al & Anne Hoppe who will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary on October 14th. 


This photo was taken with their son Andrew at his recent wedding.    

Bob and Patt Levine 48th Anniversary.jpg

Congratulations to Patt & Bob Levine who celebrated their 48th Anniversary on September 19th.  


From Bob:  

As requested, another cell phone photo attached. These 48 years seem like a mere blink of an eye.  Thanks to all for the kind messages,

Patt and Bob Levine

M & L - 2014.jpg

Best Wishes to Louise (DeNardo) and Mauro Cassano who will celebrate their 55th Wedding Anniversary on September 20th 


Congratulations to Steve & Joanne Weissman who will celebrate 22 years of marriage on September 20th.

Happy Anniversary to Carol Dunne & Norman Stout who will celebrate their 18th Wedding Anniversary on September 15th.


Congratulations to Paul and Florence Banikiotes who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on August 24th.  Thanks to their son Aaron for recommendng this photo be sent to us.  

Happy Anniversary to Barbara Steinman & Dennis Bengals who will celebrate 54 years of marriage on August 13th.  Perfect photo as this was where the wedding took place.   


Best wishes to Joan (Gale) & Ed Wilson who will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary on August 19th 


 Congratulations to Pat (Pandolfi) & Sam Cox who will celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary on August 9th


On August 10th Steve & Phyllis Ross will also be celebating 51 years of marriage. 

Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes for a Happy 36th Anniversary Evelyn (Aloisio) and Alan Gordon

Thanks so much for your good wishes.  Here is a picture of us from a trip to the Outer Banks, N.C. where we visited some friends.

We’re busy now packing for a river cruise on the Rhine next week. 

Hope all is well with you.  Thank you for all you do on the LMHS website. Your efforts are much appreciated!


43 Years ago on June 19th Sue (Amrhein) & John Mulligan were married.  Wishing them a very happy anniverary.

20181017_183727 (2).jpg

Well wishes go out to Joan (Cary) and Rick Pastman who celebrate 51 years of marriage on June 30th. Both of them were members of our class.

19 2.jpg

Congratulations to Laura (Allen) & Dick Lally who celebrate 23 years of marriage on June 19th

Congratulations to MaryAnn (Lavery) & Harry Turk, who will celebrate 37 years of marriage on June 26th


Congratulations to Roni (Cojac) and Alan Mintz who celebrate 54 years of marriage on June 26. They are seen here with their son and daughter.

Anniversary greetings go out to Barbara (O'Connell) & Trent Lawrence.  53 years ago they were married on June 27th

Judy (Cottrell) & Glen Wolter will be celebrating 53 years of marriage on une 18th.  We wish them the best.


Congratulations to Pat (McCauley) & Rich Mangels, who will be married 56 years on June 16th.  They come in third as our longest married couple

Congratulations to Kevin & Rosemary Farrell who celebrated 45 very happily married years together on May 19th


Best wishes go out to Carol (Manning) & Sal Del Prete who celebrate 55 years of marriage on June 7th

Phyllis (Peckman) and John Purkey will be celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary on May 22nd.  Congratulations!


On May 16 Sandy (Parrish) and Del Duvall will celebrate 49 years of marriage.  Best wishes to the happy couple.


 Congratulations to Honey and Tom Cottrell who celebrate 56 years of marriage on March 3. They are the second longest married couple in our class. They met outside at a fire drill on LMHS grounds. We’ll never know which principal decided that day would be a good day for a fire drill. But he changed the course of these two lives. 

EditedImage (3).png

Congratulations to Joy (Calvano) and Dave Lawrence who celebrate 35 years of marriage on January 10. Wishing them many more years of happiness.

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