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Our Families


Hi Marcy,

I wanted to share a great way to "enjoy " This unusual time is to get a puppy. My recent retirement afforded us the time to devote to having an "infant".  We are grateful that after 2 nights of getting up and outside 4 times during the night she sleeps from 11pm to 7am!!!


Stay well. Roni Mintz



Hi Ladies,


I am not one to boast however Carole & I are very proud our grandson
Ethan is off to Cornell for his Freshman year as we speak.

Out of ten (10) grandchildren, 8 have graduated from college or are in the
process w/ two (2) more to follow shortly.

Terrific group of young people.

Stay well,

Carole & Russ

DSC_0307 (1).JPG

 Joel & Tsafra Chesnoff family photo with their children and grandchildren

Photos sent by Betty Csontos-Schuster 

Two of our five granddaughters, Danielle and Kerry, who live in Kentucky.  Dannie has graduated college and just purchased a home in Lexington.  Kerry is graduating high school this spring and starting college in the fall.

Betty Granddaghters.jpg
Chuck and Grandson.jpg

Our grandson Sean with my husband Chuck on an annual charter boat fishing trip.  Sean is an ironworker in NY like his dad, and lives in Miller Place, Long Island.

This article "Hero in my Eyes" was wrtten by our classmate, Pat McCauley-Mangels grandson, Ayden Mangels about his Dad James Rich Mangels

How was work, dude,” said this man in a white shirt and basketball shorts with a smile on his face encouraging me to tell him. Even if his day was worse, he listened. He’d been dealing with people's crap all day at work for nine hours and came home and asked me how my day was. How many people would do that for someone else? If I had to answer, then it would be not many at all because most are focused on complaining about their day. This man is James Rich Mangels, my hero for his heart. 

Image (3).jpeg

James was raised for nine years in Long Island, New York and then moved to Coral Springs, Florida. He never grew up with another sibling because he was adopted. My dad never really liked school until he met a teacher that changed his life. That teacher's name was Dr.Jeffers. 

Image-1 (1).jpeg
Image-2 (1).jpeg

One thing that he has that makes him a hero to many is his kind, loving, and helpful personality. He will do about anything to help someone. He’s probably the kindest person I know. He always asks about my day before telling me about his. He is mainly loving because he will always forgive, and he raised three kids. He has helped so many students be successful. He was a role model who I always thought of in the highest respects. These are the main traits that make him a hero to many of the people in his everyday life. 

How do you define a hero that isn't fake or made up by someone else? Being a hero doesn't mean you have to have superpowers, just powers. These powers can be from making a rainy day turn into a sunny one by making people smile. You don't have to change things dramatically to be a hero. You can just be you and still be seen as a hero in someone's eyes, just like how James Mangels was in my eyes among many others. So I ask you one last question: would you prefer to have a hero that is made in Hollywood or one that helped you every day of their life until the end?


Congratulations to Becky Curtin (daughter of Frank)

who just passed the New York state bar exam on the first try. These are pictures of her swearing in ceremony at the courthouse in Brooklyn New York. 

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