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Steve Ross and his grandchildren.

a great way to spend his birthday!

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Harvey Pearlstein and his brother Joel

With grandson Sean on our annual visit to Milwaukee to see my Dodgers play the Brewers. It doesn't get much better than this.

Harvey Pearlstein 


Dear Honey,

It's nice to hear from you.  We are doing fine -- meaning all the family.  My mom and brother Hal in Deerfield Beach as well.  My mom turned 103 last week.  She still enjoys reading and eating and watching a little TV.  We had a pretty good telephone conversation on her birthday.  I think Broward County has been a little disorganized with the vaccination program, but my brother is getting his first on Tuesday.  The doctors are still debating whether my mom needs one.

I'll try to find a recent photo of Trudy and me to send you by March 23, our 52nd anniversary.  In the meantime, I'm attaching a photo of the whole family we took at a picnic around a week ago -- except for Ami in Washington, DC, of course.  I'm also working on my holiday family report, which I will send you.

Our best to you and family,

Stay safe,

Doug    (3/7/2021)         


Me and my two favorite guys. Sean making Deans List and Jack making Honor Roll merited dinner at Morton's. Man, can those kids eat! The big question is... what happens first, Jack getting a haircut or Papa shaving his beard?

Harv 2/1/2021

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