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Gloria de Lama (Sciole)

No significant BIO. A few facts, I moved to Yorktown VA in 1971 as my husband was asked to leave a faculty position at NYU and be hired as a NASA Aerospace Engineer until his death in 1993. I was pretty much a stay at home Mom for several years raising two sons and a daughter. Currently, I live in Williamsburg and have been employed by The College of William and Mary since 1980 working as a Research Administrator Accountant. My plans are to continue working for at least 4-5 additional years as my work week consists of just four ten hour days thus leaving ample time for enjoyment. I am considered "Grammy" by five little ones aged one through seven. And, I'm still waiting for son, number one, to re-produce himself once or twice. Time will tell ....

My spare time is spent, believe it or not, perfecting my love of ballroom dancing. While, I would love to travel more, finding travel mates at times becomes a problem. So to my fellow classmates, do take that as a hint if there are any trips abroad. I have visited Italy and France more than once and have even spent two weeks in Havana, Cuba this past 2001. The College of William and Mary "had" an academic license so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Well that is about it, as always Marcy, thank you for all that you do for the class of '61.

Hugs, Gloria

Gloria's collage (1).jpg

Left to Right: son Paul Coe, III visiting from the Syracuse area, followed by daughter Deborah (Coe) Woo with Sonya Woo and son Rick Coe holding Cevanna Coe , all residing in Virginia.

Sandbox: Cevanna and Christopher Coe with cousins Isaiah and Sonya Woo. Missing from sandbox photo is 18 mo. old Chandler Coe.

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