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Ann Marie Adamac-Coady and Marilyn Lerner-Workman on Christmas Day at Marilyn's daughters home in the Atlanta area.  


Vic and Mary Ann Sassone (on the left) had a visit from Joe Garofalo and his wife Valerie. Vic lives in Texas and Joe lives in Florida.

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1. Battery Park
2. World Trade
3. Stock Exchange
4. China Town for lunch
5. Little Italy
6. Central Park
7. St Patrick's Cathedral 
8. Rockefeller Center
9. Time Square
10. New York Marriott Marquis for drinks

The 2nd picture of Roger and I was taken at the Rockefeller ice rink. Note the golden Rockefeller Center logo in the background.
A great time was had by all and we did 9 miles of walking that day.

Be well !!
Stu Smith

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Hi Marcy!

How's it go'n in wild upstate New York ??

Roger Annicelli took a trip to the big apple from Fla. and we spent the day in Manhattan. We went from Battery Park to Central Park.Hope you can post the pics on the site..

Harv Perl.JPG

Frank and Marcy
Marcy sorry this pix isn't the best of you phone has been doing
bizarre things lately...But I still think you looked great! and everyone is
right...great hairdo!! thanks again for was terrific seeing you
and having a chance to catch up a little. Your home is lovely!


Hi Marcy,

‘Hope the summer is going well for you.

Attached please find a picture of Harv and us taken this week which can be published in the Informal-2018 section.

As a caption, you can use:

“Harv Pearlstein was in NJ to visit his brother, and drove up for lunch with us in Oxford, CT. Harv seems to be improving with age. Regards to all, Bob and Patt Levine”


Sandy Parrish Duvall flew in from Colorado to attend a memorial service for her aunt in upstate New York. She called me to tell me that she would be passing New Paltz on her return to Newark Airport. She was hoping that Frank Curtin could join us too for a few hours. We had not been together since our 50th reunion in 2011. Thank you Frank for the pizza! It was a great afternoon. Photo on the left is Frank Curtin and Sandy Parrish Duvall

Al Hoppe.jpg

Frank Curtin received this from Al Hoppe.

Thank you Frank for your efforts in helping us find updated information on our classmates.
Honey will be asking Al for an old Army picture so we can include him in our Veteran section.

Here is the info you requested:
Wife: Anne J Hoppe
Birthday: 09/16/43
Anniversary: 10/14/72
Tel: Cell: 203-829-2742
Home: 561-865-7076
You have the address incorrect:
It's 7525A Lexington Club Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33446........not 33447
University of Florida 1966
USArmy Vietnam 1968
Pic attached!
Be Well!

Jeff & Ernie-800.jpg

Honey sent me this photo of Pat McCauley Mangels, Carol Manning Del Prete and Honey.
They met on February 7 for lunch to discuss plans for a small get together of class of 61 Florida residents. We will be hearing more about that in the days to come.

Jeff Chasan and Ernie Brodsky Caught up with Ernie for a beer earlier tonight Always feels like we just hung together last week

Vic Sasone-newest.jpg
Honey & Suzanne-2.JPG

Honey Murway Cottrell and Suzanne Handwerker Anderson got together for lunch on January 11th.

 It was the first time they had seen one another since the 50th reunion in 2011. Honey says the plan is to do this more often.

Hi Marcy
I was browsing the website and realized that the photo you have of me is 15 years old. So, I’m attaching a newer shot taken 3 years ago.
Also, our mailing address has changed. Here is my current info.

212 Rugby Lane
McKinney TX 75070
Mobile 214-789-4173

Blessings to you and your family.


 Here is the photo from our time in Myrtle Beach with MaryAnn Lavery. Left to right: Harry Turk, MaryAnn Lavery Turk, Betty Csontos Schuster, Chuck Schuster, 
taken outside a local ice cream shop a few months ago. Please post on the LMHS '61 web site. Also, please give me the info for sending a donation for such a great web site. 

 Betty Schuster

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