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The reunion made us realize we want to see more of each other. For this reason we are creating a club for our class that will give us more opportunities to do that. Our first "Senior Trip" was held on the Martin Luther King Weekend (January 13-15, 2006). We chose a three day weekend in Las Vegas so those still working can attend. Below you cansee the results!

The first trip for the Gray Panthers Travel Club was a huge success, despite the fact that it actually snowed and hailed on Sunday for the first time in over a hundred years! We were all caught running from Las Vegas Blvd. to the Mirage where we had lunch that day. For three days prior to that we were walking around outside in sunny weather without coats. But it did give us something to talk about.

We are all indebted to the people who did their part to make this trip so organized. Thanks to Jerry Murphy for finding a hotel to accommodate us all. He and Irene had their RV to stay in so working on something for the rest of us is much appreciated. Thanks to Larry Carballo for arranging and getting the tickets for the Blue Man Group - the show we saw while there. And finally a huge round of applause for Tom Tierney who kept us all in contact every day with the itinerary of where we would meet to eat, sightsee, etc. He called everyone on his cell phone and somehow kept track of where we were and who was missing. He also arranged and paid for a truly wonderful birthday party on Friday night in one of the meeting rooms. No detail was overlooked from party hats to gag gifts. It was a night to remember.

We will continue to post pictures of the trip here by day. I hope the others who took pictures will send them to me so we can all see them. We are already talking about the next trip!! Thanks again to all for the hard work and the memories.


Viva Las Vegas '06



Thursday dinner - Left to right: Valerie and Joe Garafalo, Irene and Jerry Murphy, Tom Tierney, Frank Curtin


Thursday night dinner - From left to right: Valerie and Joe Garafalo, Marcy McNally Fall, Jerry Murphy, Tom Tierney, Frank Curtin


Thursday Night - Frank Curtin befriends a young man and his girlfriend. He was celebrating his twenty first birthday. Not Frank! The boy.


Thursday night - Joe and Valerie Garafalo A very rare occurrence Joe actually smiling for the camera!




The Blue Man Group is an interactive audience participation show that we saw at the Venetian Theater. The audience was bombarded from behind with non-stop paper rolls. Here is the back of Ronnie Merenger's head. After a while you just ignored the paper coming at you.


Left to right - Patty Tierney, Rheva Mason Thomason, Iris Kogel Chapman, Gino Lynch at the Blue Man Show.


Gloria Russo Key and Marcy McNally Fall with Siegfried and Roy's tigers at the Mirage.


Mirage Buffet

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