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This is a list of our 1961 alumni that we have been unable to locate as of May 22, 2018. If there is no information on a particular person in our yearbook section and you don't see that person on the list below, it just means that he or she wants to remain unlisted. We know where they are, but will respect their privacy and keep them posted on our news and reunions. If you know anything at all about anyone below (even a married name will help with people searches), then please contact us with the details.



Geraldine Berstein
Ann Marie Brown
Elizabeth Brunton
David Cedarholm
Sal Evangelista
Barbara Farrell
Raymond Farrell
Roger Franzen
Jean Githens
Lawrence Goldberg
Elaine Gordon

Louis Henne
Carol Klein
Eileen Kramer
Linda Levy
Livia Lloyd
Lillian Maimone
Diane Masler
Mary McDonald
Peter Meier
Sandra Milton
Judith Miner
Allegra Montgomery
Juliana Mosca

Brent Nelson
Albert Petrucci
Phylis Porton
Marilyn Rajkovich
Angela Ricci
Kenneth Sherman
Barton Siegel
Linda Smejkal
Gary Stein
Gail Stevens
Marjorie Sussman
Marjorie Touhey
Micharl Volkommer

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