I have posted the Panther party 2022 Reunion news on 5 sites so we can reach as many Panthers as possible. We need to reach Panthers not on FB so please spread the word and direct them to the Panther page. I will continue the posting process for a little while and eventually everyone needs to join the group. All Reunion news and updates will be posted on the Panther Party 2022 page. Next week I will post the full cost for each Panther and if you are in, you need to IM JoAnn Bongiovanni on FB. She will send you an e-mail or letter with all the details and payment instructions. We will need your address, phone , e-mail and your class year. I will post a list of those looking to attend so far, and there will be a current list as the checks come in. After 1 day of posting, here is the list of those who are looking to attend.

Richard Carballo 67-

JoAnn Bongiovanni 67'

Gary Fortcher 67'

Ruth Beyer hoffman 67'

Angela Pompa Kreese 68'

Michael Maniscalco 66'

Kathy Maniscalco

Ann Koop Stone Schmitz 66'

Lauren Kessler 67'

Frank Springer 69'

Rosemary McNerney 61'

Karen Ingraham Quinn 6'

Frank Quinn

Kitty Powell

Thomas Powell

Mara Carney 71'

George Thomas Gagnon 68'

Wendy Werner 68'

Joanne Akerstrom 68'

James Murray 83'

Charled Waldron 77'

Dan Tighe

Maureen Mierisch Samuelson

Gary Anderson 69'

Carol Pederson Kaplan Ertle

Gerard McCullough 67'

Bill Fuoto 69'

Chuck Kincade

Warren Kries 67'

Sharon Gebbie Amann 75'

Wayne Amann

Maureen O'Loughlin Cartwright 65'

Cindy Loney 68'



I spoke with the Marriott Hotel and the restrictions have been lifted for at least 50% (which means 450 people) this month and should be 100% soon so it is safe to plan Panther Party 2022. It will be held on Friday night June 17, 2022. It will be a cocktail hour from 7-8 and the party from 8-12. It will be 5 hours of open bar and plenty of great food and music from our era. I have blocked 25 rooms to start with a group discount and can add more if needed. We are planning for another get together at the Levittown Ale House on Thursday night and the famous Steve Telano BBQ on Saturday at Eisenhower Park. My last post was to gauge interest but now it is crunch time. With all the classes of LMHS from 1953-1983 invited, this could be a huge party. In 2019 we had 270 from the classes of the 60’s and over 200 from the classes of the 70’s so mark the date and get out the check book and prepare for a great time. It is easy for people to say they are going to SC or coming to NY, but it is now the time to get serious and spread the word. When we post the pricing early next week, we will send a letter and or e-mail to those who are interested, and we will require a refundable deposit so we can meet the payment schedule. This is not like booking a wedding, this will take a lot of time, planning and hard work by those involved. The wheels are in motion so let us know ASAP if you are in with your name and spouse (if attending) and year. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!


With the help of Gary Fortcher and Ruth Beyer Hoffman, we have semi good news. With NY offering vaccines for everyone over 16 things are starting to loosen up. Over the next few months everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have the opportunity, especially in NY where they are pushing hard. I spoke with the Marriott today and although there is still a limit of 150 for a party, the thinking is it could change over the next few months. The Ballroom can handle 900, so if things go only 50% we would be in great shape. This will be open to all Panthers from 1953-1983. In 2019 the classes of the 60's had 250 and the classes of the 70's had over 200 on the same night. I doubt everyone who attended either will be on board for a huge Panther Party, but there are many who missed July 19, 2019 and want to come this time. The date we are looking at is June 17, 2022. This is not official yet but it is looking very good. We are not looking for a definite commitment but we need to know if the interest is 200 or 500 or more. This will be posted on a few sites so spread the word. We are anxious to proceed but need a little help from New York. We have done successful Reunions in the past so we can move quickly once the restrictions are loosened. Let us know if you are SERIOUS so we can plan properly.