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(UPDATE 6/17/21)

We have finalized everything with the Marriott Hotel for Panther Party 2022 on Friday June 17, 2022. The Bank account will be finalized in the next few days and we will be ready to proceed. The initial postings we had a list of around 140 who said they will attend but now we will need real numbers in order to make this work. The target to pull this off is a minimum 200 people including spouses to make this work since we a re planning on Panthers from 1953-1983. At our ages, those from the 50’s and 60’s this will be most likely be the last chance for large party including siblings and schoolmates. I’m sure we have more than 200 including spouses that would love to share memories and create new ones with old friends. Because this is one year out and the Hotel requires a deposit and payment schedule. we will be requiring a refundable deposit. I will post financial numbers in the next day or so and all the information on where and how to pay. I hope there are enough of us who are anxious and ready to party one more time. There is also some good late news, Steve Telano has agreed to come out of retirement for one more big BBQ if we can pull off this Party. Come join all of us and celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Levittown.

Here is a preview for the Panther Party 2022 weekend. On Thursday night the 16th, there will be a gathering at the Levittown Ale House to start the FUN. On Friday night is the fabulous Party at the Marriott Hotel. On Saturday will be the famous Steve Telano BBQ at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. A FUN packed weekend and some will probably extend the fun on Saturday night or Sunday after connecting with old friends and school mates. This is for all Panthers from 1953-1983 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Levittown and each other. Look for more info in the next few days.



see below for list of who plans to attend

As someone who left NY over 30 years ago, I look forward to Reunions as it is the only opportunity I get to see old friends and classmates in one location. I understand that the Party will be just 3 years removed from the last ones but when you read the Memoriam page and realize how many we have lost in that time, I want to see friends while I can. I’m sure those who attended either Reunion in 2019 left with memories and rekindled friendships which are priceless. JoAnn and I are trying to catch lightning in a bottle with this party and hope there are enough who feel the same. I noticed there are around 200 from 2019 60's Reunion alone who have not signed on so far and we need that kind of numbers to proceed. In order to reserve a hall that can handle 200+ it requires a deposit and personal guarantee. I signed last time because we had the numbers and deposits to warrant it. I realize there are many reasons to be hesitant (pandemic, health, finances,) but in order to do this properly we need at least 225-250 or we won’t be able to proceed. Here is the list of the 118 on board so far. I will have the pricing and all details in the next few days. If you don’t see your name on the list and plan on attending, please let us know ASAP. For the names with year missing, please let us know your year.




We are now up to 101 Panthers looking to relive the past and create new memories. We are still less than half of what we need to proceed. It's only 13 months away so spread the word, especially to those not on FB. Hopefully some of those attending Myrtle Beach will be able to also join in. We should have the cost next week and then we will see what we really have.

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