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Pat McCauley (Mangels)

    Since graduating from LMHS, my life has taken many twists and turns all wonderful adventures. I met my husband Richard on a blind date through a friend, our 1st date was on Friday the 13th, lucky ! Yes. We were engaged 2 months later and in June of 63, were married.

     We did a lot of traveling and just getting to know one another and enjoying each other for our 1st five years. But then we decided it was time to settle down and do what all our other friends were doing, starting a family. After a year of trying, it just wasnt happening the usual way, so we decided adoption was the way to go. Well 6 months to the day of applying, we brought home a beautiful red haired 5 month old boy. For the next 17 years the 3 of us enjoyed an idyllic family life with its ups and downs. Our son is married with 3 darling sons, ranging in age from 3-11. Our son, James, is an Assistant Principal and our daughter-in-law Lisa, is a teacher of Home Bound students. They live in Kentucky, just north of Nashville, Tennessee, so we dont get to see them too often, maybe twice a year.

     In 1976 we moved to So. Florida to be close to Richards parents who were not in the best of health and also because our son was their only grandchild at that time. Rich and I both worked for the Broward County School System for 13 years, he in maintenance and I as a secretary/bookkeeper. When our son was 17, he went off to college in North Carolina and Rich and I fell in love with bed and breakfasts. So after our son graduated, and my husband lost both his parents within a short time, we decided it was our turn. After searching for a location to start our b&b, we found the town of Mt. Airy, NC. There we found a beautiful historical house that needed a lot of TLC and began our next adventure into the b&b industry. But after 10 years, Rich had enough and wanted to retire to southern California where he had spent his service years. So with the internets help, I searched for a retirement spot that would not eat up all our retirement money, no easy task..... But I was lucky again to find a realtor who was very helpful in our quest. We found Sun City !

     We now enjoy ourselves with RVing, and we still have our hand in the b&b industry, we inn sit at a b&b in So. Pasadena. For the last two summers we have flown our two oldest grandsons out to California and took them on a months long trip in the motor home. This year we will be off to Montana and Calgary, Canada. When they are returned to Kentucky, Rich and I will volunteer on a river boat in Idaho at a state park and enjoy being near my oldest brother to do things with.

     So as you can tell, life is good for the Mangels and we are having a great time in retirement. Hope to see some you in our travels..........

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