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Saturday, August 1, 2009 - Our Second Class Picnic    



Once again it was picnic time for the class of 61. Those who live in New York know that it was an extremely rainy summer. It rained the whole week before the picnic, the day after the picnic, but the sun came out for our day. The weather was perfect - in the eighties and low humidity. The spot was shady and we enjoyed a cool breeze while looking out at a beautiful view. Frank (or "The Frank" as Stu Smith calls him) did a good job picking our spot in the park and everyone agreed there was just too much food. We welcomed some new faces this year, folks who had never been to any of our functions, and they all said they would be back for future events. Thank you Frank for all you did, tireless food shopping, the attention to detail and your time at the grill. Frank, for his part, raved about the willingness of everyone to help unload the truck, the grill and set up the tables. He truly thought he would be doing that by himself. I've learned never to underestimate our classmates and their spouses. I feel lucky to be part of this wonderful class. The cleanup crew did an outstanding job of clearing off the tables. The place was spotless when we left. There was much talk about doing it again next year.

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