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Russ Mulroy

After graduating from LMHS I attended C.W. Post college before heading to St. Johns to play basketball. Post is where I met Carole & St. Johns didn't seem so important after that. Carole was taking Psychology & I was taking up space but that didn't seem to matter to her.

We married a few years later & lived in Fresh Meadows for a few years while I worked for Kimberly-Clark. Moved to Plainview in '68 & raised our 4 children, Susan, John, Nancy & Scot. In '92 we moved to Lake Grove, near Smithtown, & after finishing college, our kids began to marry.

We are truly blessed in that our children have exceeded tenfold any expectations we may have had for them. Carole gets all the credit for this & for all the love & closeness our family maintains. All 4 "kids" live within 20 minutes of us & we see them & our 9 grandchildren several times a week. (Just learned a 10th grandchild is due 9/06, Scot's 2nd).

In 1984 I started my own promotional marketing company which has done well & keeps me busy & out of trouble. I have no plans to retire.

Carole & I spent a week on the Island recently visiting w/ family & friends
 but mostly to attend our Son Johns surprise 50th birthday bash
 thrown at his home in Huntington. A great great time.

L-R: Me, John & Carole. 9/6/2016

I want to thank my LMHS family for all their birthday wishes. We had family, food, football & fun. Who ever said 72 wasn’t a blast doesn’t know what they’re talking about!! L-R Daughter Susan, me & wife Carole.
Russ Mulroy 1/11/16

Although Carole & I are proud of each of our 10 grandkids in their own special way, I felt it necessary to point out 2 of them who are closest to us in the Carolinas.  Grand daughter Kelly just voted a Cheer All-American for the 4th consecutive year in high school. As great of an athlete as she is, she’s a better person.  Her older brother Jason, a theatre major @ USC in Columbia SC took star billing his Freshman year in 2 plays: “The Engineer” in Miss Saigon & he played “Eugene Jerome” in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues.

Neither of them would be happy to know I was talking about them but we’re very proud.

July 4th 2010 w/ daughters Susan & Nancy & wife Carole

Russ & Carole

Grandkids Jason & Kelly part of a photo shoot for a magazine here in the Carolinas. Reminded me of John Steed & Emma Peel from The Avengers TV show. 8/4/15


"The Girls"! Grandaughters: back seat: Cassidy, Emily & Kelly.
Front seat: Jaime.
They profess their love for me but I know they just want to ride in the Jag!

Some more Grandkids: L-R: Christopher, Emily, Kelly & Jason in the front seat.

Our family L-R: Scot, Nancy, Carole, Russ, Susan & John

Christmas Eve 2005

Every Christmas Eve at our house in the middle of all the mayhem, I always turn to Carole & ask "How did all this happen, all I wanted was a date".

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