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Inspired by the pictures of the pajama party that Betty Csontos sent in a few months ago, several of the "girls" decided to have one ourselves in New Paltz. That expanded to a barbeque for some of the "local" class of 61 folks within driving distance. I'm not sure how it happened, but the little summer barbeque had people coming in from New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia, Arizona, and California. It was the highlight of my summer! See our new link "Garden Party". Thanks to Steve Weissman for asking about Laura Allen. That's when we discovered she was summering in New York only four hours from here. It rained most of the weekend but that never dampened our spirit. 


Front Row left to right: Marcy McNally, Sandra Findlay, Gloria de Lama, Pat Pandolfi, Susan Amrhein, Laura Allen, Irene Murphy (wife of Jerry), Ed Thomas (Wisdom Lane alumni), Jean Pandolfi (sister of Pat), Stu Smith
Back Row: Celeste Vives, Tom Tierney, Toni Salometo, head of Patty Tierney in back of Toni, Valerie and Joe Garofalo, Russ and Carole Mulroy, Richie and Nelsie Smith, John Mulligan (husband of Susan Amrhein), Dick Lally (husband of Laura Allen), Jerry Murphyd edit me. It's easy.

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