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Stuart Smith

I think it's time to tell you what I've been doing for the last 45 years so here goes.

When we last saw each other in 1961, I was working at a delicatessen until I went into the Army in 1966. The Army was kind enough to send me to a number of schools and then directly over to Viet Nam. I was there from 1966 - 1969. A lot has happened since then

Shortly after my homecoming (1969) I was able to secure a job with Grumman Corp. and worked my way up in the company from an input/output analyst (mail clerk) to a Computer Systems analyst. I worked at the company for 26 years and then retired in 1994.

During that time I attended years of IBM computer classes for the company and worked on the LEM, design of the Space shuttle and the design and upgrade of the F-14.

I always liked flying from the time I was a kid back in Levittown and did some flying in the war soooo, I decided to go into pilot training in 1970. I have logged a lot of flight time in the last 34 years. I was in the process of getting my commercial pilot license when I retired and ran out of money just 20 hours short ($30,000.00) of completing my goal. Now I'm too old to finish. During that time I also picked up a Glider (air plane with no engine) rating and had a lot fun doing that sport too.

After my retirement I did a few things around the house, went flying, skiing and camping but everyone was at work and there was no one to play with. So, I went to work for a computer consulting company in New York City for 4 years and traveled around New England until after Y2K when I was RIFED. (reduction in force)

Out of work again for a year, I got a job working for the Mayor's office at City of New York and have been here for just about 6 years.

I was married for 30 years when my ex-wife decided that she wasn't happy and wanted a divorce. She is a hi-powered vice president of the Bank of New York and didn't know when to stop partying. I have one adopted daughter that is the apple of my eye and lives with me. She is now in her 3rd year of college with a major in business. I currently live in St. James ( North shore next to Smithtown). I do the commute everyday to the city (4 hrs round trip on the L.I.R.R.) and I only have one more year to go until I can collect another pension.

While I was in the middle of my friendly divorce about 2 plus years I was diagnosed with cancer. The flavor is called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is not an aggressive form of cancer. The Doctors think it was the result of being exposed to agent orange in Viet Nam. After getting the news I started chemo that lasted about 6 months. The treatment just about cleaned up the cancer but it came back about 2 years ago. The Doctor's were watching my progress closely since then and it spread into my right leg. About 2 years ago my Doctor said there was another treatment out there, so I had nothing to lose. Well, I started this special treatment (not experimental) and within 3 weeks it started working. I went to the doctor about a year ago after having a number of scans and a bone marrow test and the doctor said that he can't find any cancer in me anywhere. GOOD STUFF !! 2 treatments $42,000.00 a pop.

When I got the bad new about my cancer I decided that I was going out in style and I always wanted an old collectable car so I went out and got one. Now that I'm cancer free I take the car to local shows and have fun with it. My out look on life has changed and I live each day as it comes.

Well, that's my life (so far) in a nutshell. What have the rest of you been up to for the last forty five years?

Hi Marcy,
Attached please find some pictures of my plane and the other stuff I've been flying.
 I know you asked for the pics a while ago for my alumni page and I'm sorry for the delay.
Enjoy !!
Stu Smith

Hi Marcy !!

Here is a picture of my Daughter and I (right) and as you requested.. Sorry, better late then never.. I will send the picture of me and my plane later..  My Daughter's name is Jessica and the pic was taken 2 weeks ago when I returned from my 12 mile daily bike ride..That's why I'm dressed in the funny stretch shorts....

Stu Smith
Received 6/12/06

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