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Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent who celebrate 52 years of marriage on April 5.

Congratulations to

Doug and Trudy Greener who celebrate their 52nd Wedding Anniverary on March 23rd.


Congratulations to Neil and Lisa Rose who celebrate two years of marriage on December 9th. Not only is Neil our most recently married classmate, but he is the only one celebrating an anniversary in the month of December. Wishing them both many more years.

Congratulations to Lou and Barbara Chanin who celebrated 50 years of marriage on November 7th.


"Thanks Lou for coming through with the picture."  Marcy

PS From Lou:  This picture was taken 50 years to the hour, both on Saturday night.

Hi Marcy!
   Here are a couple of pics: Before (about 1987, and AFTER, 2017) ! We’ve had lots of fun! 36 years on November 17th! Amen! Hallelujah!
   Last year we sold our precious RV, aka Henrietta. She provided us with 12 years of adventures. We really miss her!
  Understand the confinement weariness!  At least now we have some great weather. Today’s high will be 84°and a low about 58°.  Thank God!
  This is a perfect time of year for you to come out for a visit. Just say when!
  Praying all is well with you and your family.

Jerry & Irene Murphy 

Best wishes to Mary Ann and Vic Sassone who celebrate 56 years of marriage on November 28th. His comment to me: “isn’t she cute?”

Dear Marcy & Honey,

Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t go out to our favorite place for our 49th Anniversary.  But we took a picture which I’ll attach.  As you can see, home isolation has affected the way we look.  Happy Halloween to all.


Next year will be better (for all of us),

Bob & Patt Levine

Best wishes to Larry & Peggy Carballo for their upcoming 14th Wedding Anniversary on October 28th.

This lively couple will celebrate 48 years of marriage on October 14. Congratulations to Al and Anne Hoppe. Don’t you feel like you’re watching Dancing with the Stars?

Best wishes to Carol and Jeff Chasan on their upcoming 27th anniversary October 9. Wishing them many more

 On September 15th Carol (Dunne)and Norman Stout will celebrate 19 years of marriage. Wishing them many more.

Congratulations to Joanne and Steve Weissman seen here in Jupiter Florida last month. They will celebrate 23 years of marriage on September 20th.

Best wishes go out to Joan (Gale) and Ed Wilson who will celebrate 31 years of marriage on August 19th.

Another couple who celebrates a wedding anniversary on September 20 is Louise (DeNardo) and Mauro Cassano. Congratulations on 56 years of wedded bliss.

On August 13, 1965 Barbara Steinman and Dennis Bengals were wed. Happy 55th wedding anniversary.


Dennis I love your hat!

Congratulations to Steve & Phyllis Ross who will celebrate 52 years of marriage on August 10th.

This couple celebrates 52 years of marriage on August 9th. Congrats to Pat (Pandolfi) and Sam Cox.

Congratulations to Sue (Amrhein)and John Mulligan who will celebrate 44 years of marriage on June 19th.

What a ride it has been!

Happy Anniversary to Joel and Tsafra Chesnoff who will celebrate 51 years on June 15th

You can use this pic for our 54 Year anniversary picture, Marcy

Thanks for remembering us.

  Judy (Cottrell) & Glenn Wolter

   On June 18th we wish you both a very happy anniversary.


Congratulations and Happy 37th Wedding Anniversay to Evelyn Aloisio and Alan Gordon

Hi Honey,

Good to hear from you.  Had some trouble finding a picture, but here’s one from our trip to San Juan in Feb.  Seems like that was another lifetime these days.  Fortunately we got off the cruise ship in Feb. without any problem. 

Hopefully life will return to normal soon.  We’re all getting mighty tired here in Massachusetts of social distancing and wearing masks.

Thanks for the info about the party.  60 years, yikes!!!

Be well and thanks for all you and Marcy do.


Joan (Cary) and Richard Pastman are both 1961 classmates. Best wishes to them on their upcoming 52nd  wedding anniversary on June 30th

On June 27, Barbara (O’Connell) and Trent Lawrence will be married 52 years. Congratulations to them both

Congratulations to Betty Csontos & Chuck Schuster who celebrate their 31st  anniversary on June 24th

It’s hard to believe this young looking couple will be married 55 years on June 26th. Happy anniversary to Roni (Cojac) and Alan Mintz.

Hi Marcy,  I got your request and figured I best send now rather than forget!
In January 2020 we traveled to Portugal and Morocco. This picture is at a Riad in Fez.
 Stay well


Hi Marcy,

Here is a photo for the “Anniversaries” section.  My husband Chuck and I spent our 30th anniversary 

 visiting New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia with four of our friends.  Here, we were snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

Mary Ann Lavery Turk reports that her husband Harry turned 89 in April. Despite dealing with cancer, he is not only hanging in there but takes walks every day and even does a little raking in the yard. On June 26 they will be married 38 years and she said she is so grateful to have him. Best wishes to both of them.

Congratulations to Laura (Allen) and Dick Lally who will be married 22 years on June 22.

On June 16th Pat (McCauley) and Rich Mangels will celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. They come in third place for our longest married couple.

Congratulations to Carol (Manning) and Sal Del Prete who celebrate 56 years of marriage on June 7th.

Congratulations to Phyllis (Peckman) and John Purkey who celebrate 22 years of marriage on May 22.


Looks like 22 is a lucky number for them.

Congratulations to Sandy (Parrish) and Del Duval who celebrate 50 years of marriage on May 16th.


(Read the update page to see how that will unfold.)

Congratulations to Bob and Billie Lent. On April 5 they will be celebrating 51 years of marriage. Wishing them many more.

Honey (Murway) and Tom Cottell celebrate 57 years on March 3rd.

Happy 51st Anniversary to Doug and Trudy Greener who are celebrating today - March 23rd

 Congratulations to Arlene (Brambora) and Ron Campbell shown here with their daughter Sandi. On January 19 they will be married 57 years. To the best of our knowledge, they are our longest married couple.

Best wishes go out to Joy (Calvano) and Dave Lawrence who celebrate 36 years of marriage on January 10