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July 19, 2019

Classes of the  60's

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Frank Curtin, Steve Ross, Robert Levine

Louise Denardo-Cassano, Pat Pandolfi-Cox, Audrey Pettit-O'Donnell

Honey Murway-Cottrell & Paula O'Conner-Warmuth

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Chocolate Cake Story

The story is that Frank asked Pat to watch his piece of cake while he ran up to the store. This was at Marcy's house (click here to see photos). Pat ate Frank's piece of cake and used the defense that she was saving him from his diabetes. He has been telling her for years that she owes him a piece of chocolate cake.


The reunion was a great success and many more pictures of all the classmates who attended are posted on Rich Carballo's Face Book Page

"L.M.H.S. REUNION 2019".

Picnic on July 20th

Many Thanks to Steve Bitel for the photography and to Charlie Vogt (1965) for  labeling and posting so many on his Facebook Page

"LMHS Classes of the 60's "Forever Young"