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Picnic in the Park

Saturday, August 4, 2007 

Once again we had a successful weekend on Long Island. It started on Friday night at Spumante's restaurant. The food was excellent and it provided an opportunity for a few who had other plans for Saturday to get together with classmates. It ended with unexpected torrential rains and we left without umbrellas, totally saturated but happily looking forward to Saturday's picnic. Saturday was sunny, hot and humid, but no one seemed to mind. We listened to 50's music provided by Brad Scott. There was a long line for the ice cream truck that was part of our picnic package. Ernie Brodsky gave a touching and beautiful eulogy for his close friend Warren Hechinger, highlighting some of their adventures. It was done with humor in order to keep things light and I couldn't help thinking how much Warren would have loved it. The weekend ended with a Sunday brunch at the Marriott, where the 2005 reunion was held.

This weekend had folks coming from upstate New York, New York City, Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Colorado, and of course Long Island. We owe a big thank you to Helene Doctoroff who did an amazing job overseeing every little detail for both Friday night and Saturday's picnic. She started months ago making arrangements and going in person to meet with caterers, park personnel and the restaurant. She even went the week before to double check hotel reservations for those of us coming from out of town. Thank you Helene from all of us!

There are already pictures to share and there will be more coming in from others so it will take a while to get them all up here. Check back every few days. There's talk of a cruise next year...............

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