MAY 2021



5     Ilene Tetenbaum-Palant.  

8.    Harvey Rafofsky

11     Faye Kaylor-Michels

13    Stu Blick

17    Toby Wolff-Klausner

19    Merrily Nappi-Sanfino

21    Herb Banyon

22    Eileen Wolff-Turner

25    Steve Ross

31     Elinda Guardino

16     Sandy Parrish & Del Duvall


           51 Years

19    Kevin & Rosemary Farrell

          48 Years

22   Phyllis Peckman-John Purkey

         23 Years


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We are wishing all our classmates the very best of health in the upcoming months.  Remember that you have a large family of classmates out there.  These are difficult times.  Keep us posted on how things are going with you.​

Marcy & Honey 

Hi Marcy, hope you are well.

I wanted to share that Joyce Megar Kassof and I recently had a 2 hour phone conversation.

We were sorority sisters at LMHS and good friends.


 My daughter and I had a visit at her home in Florida about 25 years ago. I recently sent her a birthday card and that started our friendship renewal. Although many years have passed our conversation was like it was yesterday.

Thanks to you and Honey for keeping our LMHS website alive and making it possible to touch base with high school classmates.

Roni Cojac Mintz (4/10/2021)

Today is a difficult birthday for me. My youngest sister, Gladys-anne, passed away on Sunday, March 28th. She was 61 years old. She and I were so close.  Diagnosed with COVID and died within the week.

We usually celebrate my birthday and Easter in South FL every year with her and her family. We are heading to GA tomorrow and will have the wake and then cremation and will all go to South FL next week.

Pat Pandolfi-Cox (3/31/2021)

Dear Honey,


Here's our photo.  Not the best, but the most recent, done by a friend via skype.  The background is done by photoshop – definitely not Israeli.  I think the countryside in Tasmania!  (Photo is posted on the "Anniversaries" Page)


March 23 – our 52nd anniversary (and election day).


Stay well,


Our hearts go out to Iris Kogel Chapman on the sudden loss of her husband Bob. She said it was very sudden with no warning signals and that she is still in a state of shock. Iris can be reached at

Marcy 3/19/2021

Carol Anchor Zachmann passed away on February 21st. Her son Bill said that her heart just gave out.  She is survived by two sons, a daughter and a granddaughter.  Carol's yearbook picture has been moved to "Gone But Not Forgotten" .   Obituary can be viewed "here"

Rest in peace Carol. 

Marcy 2/23/2021


Phil saw his shadow (according to his official handlers in the Groundhog Club) which means, according to tradition, we are in for six more weeks of

There are some very good suggestions here from Roni Cojac Mintz. Since we all have some extra time on our hands, maybe some of you can take the time to answer some of the questions that Roni brought up. I always thank her for contributing things. Someone please surprise us this week with news or a picture. There are no wedding anniversaries in the month of February so you can all breathe a sigh of relief that I won’t be bugging you for a picture. Maybe people can look through old albums and find some pictures from our teenage years.


 Good Morning, about the COVID vaccine. We got our 1st shot 1/15 and have an appointment on 2/8 for the 2nd shot. Every day we hear different news about availability.

As for the LMHS site, you are correct in wishing more people participated.  Perhaps challenging them with a question?  Do you value/enjoy the site?  Why?  Share the %/ numbers of "active" participants.

I feel we have more time at home and that could encourage people to participate in some way.
We know it's always the same people....guess that is a fact in any activity!!!I   Wonder if a message asking classmates to send updates on what they are doing during retirement or if still working/ volunteering?  How COVID has affected them seeing family/friends? 

You and Honey continue to keep up the LMHS spirit and I am grateful for your commitment.  I appreciate staying connected to a time in my life that brings back high school memories. I also respect the fact that some may have negative memories!

Roni (1/30/2021)

Joel Strom alerted me today of the passing of Jane Lynch. The obit is from a  Pembroke/Brown publication.  She was very accomplished!!

Steve (1/22/2021)

Thanks Steve. Jane lived in my neighborhood. She often gave me rides to school. I recently asked Barbara Steinman if she had heard from Jane since I lost contact.  Barbara had lost contact too.

She made a difference in the lives of the children she saved. Thanks for informing us.

Marcy (1/22/2021)

Apologies to Carol Lee Eckhardt Daniel for the typo's in her name.  We also wanted to mention that her former husband Jamie Schloss was an LMHS Graduate of the Class of 1960.  We have requested Arnie Runge add Jamie's name to his website

Condolences to Carole Lee Eckhardt Daniels and her three sons on the passing of her former husband Jamie Schloss. He was the father of her three sons and passed away from COVID-19. Carol Lee is quite sure that many in our class will remember him. She can be reached at