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12/17/2019 -  New item added to "Updates" Page and  an item from Marcy on "Informal Gatherings"

12/16/2019 -  New item added to "Updates" Page

12/15/2019 -  New item added to "Updates" Page

12/13/2019 -  New photo and Holiday Greetings from Roni Cojac-Mintz  in the 2019 section of  "Informal Gatherings"

12/08/2019 -  Note to Marcy from Harvey Pearlstein on "Updates" page

12/03/2019 -  New Photos of Richard Broder added to the Then and Now Page of the "More" Section and  a new  topping for our "yearbook photos" compliments of JoAnn Bongiovanni class of 1965

12/01/2019 -  Theme change to "Home" Page; December Birthdays and Anniversaries added to "Updates" Page

11/28/2019 -  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone 

11/25/2019 - Another new photo added to Our Families page of the "Informal Gatherings" section.   

11/23/2019 - A new photo added to Our Families page of the "Informal Gatherings" section

11/13/2019 - Another new photo added to "Our Veterans" Section, finally a photo of Richard Madri in uniform

11/12/2019 - New photo added to "Our Veterans" Section

11/11/2019 - Theme changed for Veteran's Day added to "Home"  Page;  Photos of our classmates who served are located on "Our Veterans" Section;  and one item added to "Updates" New item added to the "Family "  

11/02/2019 - New item added to "Updates"  

11/01/2019 - Theme change to "Home" Page; November Birthdays and Anniversaries added to "Updates" New Photos added to "Annversaries"

10/31/2019 -  New contact info for Carolyn Nelson added in Yearbook Section and "updates" .  The "Where We Are Now" Page in the Yearbook Section has also been updated.  Please check the state where you live and let us know if your name is listed correctly.  

10/19/2019 -  New Classmate Bio found in the Yearbook Section.  Thank you "Steve Weissman" for the Bio and photos.  We would love more classmates to send one - or update their existing BIO and send to either Marcy or Honey to add to your website

10/15/2019 -  New Photo of Steve Weissman on "Our Veterans" Page.

10/13/2019 -    New  "Videos" from the July 2019 Classes of the 60's 

10/10/2019 -    Date correction to Steven Weissman's photo on "Our Veterans" Page; Message from Harvey Pearlstein to Marcy on "Updates Page"

10/09/2019 -    New Photo from Steven Weissman on "Our Veterans" Page, New info on "Where We Are Now" Page

10/08/2019 -   Check out the Where We Are Now page located in the "Yearbook Section", if you know of someone who is either missing or incorrectly listed in a State, please let us know so we can correct it.

10/03/2019 -   Happy New Year 5780 letter on the "Greener Family"Page of Informal Gatherings from Doug Greener in Jerusalem; New message fr0m Brad Scott on  "Updates" Page

10/01/2019 -   October theme change on "Home" Page; Anniversaries and Birthdays on "Updates" Page; New photos posted on the Anniversary Page of the "Informal Gatherings" Section

09/29/2019 -   L'shanah Tovah      Happy Rosh Hashanah

09/21/2019 -   New photo added to the Anniversary Page of "Informal Gatherings" Section.  Thank you Bob and Patt Levine for sharing with us.

09/20/2019 -   Thanks to Marcy for the new link  "All Things Levittown"   in the More Section and for the message and photo from Bob Levine on the 2019 page of "Informal Gatherings"

09/17/2019 -  New photo from Doug Greener added to the families page of "Informal Gatherings" section.  Check out the newest page Where We Are Now in the "Yearbook Section"  .  If any info is incorrect, please let us know.

09/12/2019 -  "Updates" on two of our Classmates and Marcy" is finally home.  


09/11 - Let us never forget 

09/10/2019 - Thank you Louise DeNardo-Cassano for the Sweet 16 photos (AND FOR THE DESCRIPTION CORRECTIONS) click on The Way We Were Then button on the "More" Section; New States added to Where We Are Now on the "Yearbook" Page

09/08/2019One item added to "Updates" and new photo added to Informal Gatherings"

09/06/2019 - New photos added to the Anniversary Page of "Informal Gatherings"  - thank you to Carol (Dunne) Stout, Louise (DeNardo) Cassano and Steve Weissman for sharing their photos.

09/05/2019 - Check out "Updates" for weekend information; Four more states added to "Where We Are Now"

09/02/2019 - Update message from "Marcy"  -

09/01/2019 - September theme change on "Home" Page; Birthdays and Anniversaries on "Updates" Page; New States added to "Where We Are Now" Page.


08/29/2019  -  A  Thanks to Louise DeNardo-Cassano for the photos added to the Way We Were Then page in the "MORE" section; 

08/26/2019  -  A  few photos added to the "Families" page of Informal Gatherings and  Connecticut added to the new "Where We Are Now" Page of the YearBook Section.  

08/21/2019  -  Two new photos from "Marcy".  Looking good on the long road to recovery .

08/20/2019  -  We are always happy to know when classmates are viewing the website.  Read the "Update" from Rosemary McNerney.

08/24/2019  -  Many thanks to Doug Gibson, another very generous "Booster",.  A  new page "Where we are now" has been added to the Yearbook Section of the site.  It is a work in progress . Please check it out and let us know what you think.

08/19/2019  -  Thanks "Marcy" for the update!  We have all been thinking of you and hoping you will be home from rehab soon.  

08/18/2019  -  Thanks Barbara Steinman-Bengels for the new photo of you and Barbara Van Valen-Eisherbini added to the "Informal Gatherings" section. 

08/17/2019  -  A new page named Biographies has been added to the "Yearbook" Section.   Please send us one.  It would be great to know what everyone has been doing for the past 50+ years.  For those who would like to update their existing BIO, please do so and we will replace the existing one.

08/16/2019  -  A new photo of Paul & Flornce Banikiotis was added to the Wedding page of the "Informal  Gatherings"  section, just in time for their 50th anniversary.   If you have a wedding photo that you would like to share, please send it to us for this page. 

08/15/2019  -  New BIO submitted by "Stephen Bitel" .  Other class BIO's may be accessed on the Yearbook page.  Click on😎 next to a classmates name (below their senior picture} to view their BIO.  If you would like to add or update an existing BIO, please send it and we will add it.  

08/14/2019  -  New photo added to the  "Anniversary" page and message from Paul Banikiotes on "Updates" page.

08/12/2019  -  Photos provided by Steve Bitel can be viewed via the link on the "Reunion" page.

08/10/2019  -  New Photos from Roni Cojac-Mintz on the  Family Page of the "Informal Gatherings" 

08/09/2019  -  Another new booster added to the "Home Page".  Thank you Steve Weissman.  Congratulations to Steve on his recent retirement after 53 years in sales.

08/07/2019  -  Again, thank you to Rosemary McNerney for two more photos.   Her brother Bill (class of 66)  was also a "veteran"  and a Wisdom Lane photo on the School Daze page of the "More" section .  

08/06/2019  -  Thank you "Rosemary McNerney" the newest Booster added to "Home" page!    Rosemary is the first woman to be added to the "Our Veterans"  page and  she has also provided new photos added to the Celebrity Meetings in the "More" section.  

08/05/2019  -  One new photo added to the "Anniversary" page and to the "Families" page of the Informal Gatherings Section; Steve Bitel will be submitting more reunion weekend photos in the near future.  Enjoy Steve's website by clicking "here" 

08/04/2019  -  An update message from "Marcy", three new August "Anniversary" Photos

08/03/2019  -  A note from Stu Smith on "updates"  and one new photo added to "Reunion", again thanks to Steve Bitel.

08/02/2019  -  More "Reunion" photos from July 19th, thanks to Steve Bitel.

08/01/2019  -  So many of you have asked for an update on "Marcy"


07/28/2019  - More reunion photos, a video, a few photos of the Reunion Picnic and  the "Chocolate Cake Story"

07/24/2019  - The reunion was a great success and many pictures have already been posted on the Face Book Page "L.M.H.S. REUNION 2019". 


Please send your photos to me to be posted in our  "Reunion" section as Marcy is currently unable to receive them, see "Updates", for more info.


Congratulations to Steve and Phyllis Ross on the arrival of their new grandchild - photos on the Our Families section of  "Informal Gatherings"


Congratulations to Carol Manning-Del Prete who has finished her cancer treatments - she received a certificate and got to ring the "Bell"  which is a really big deal!!!!!

07/13/2019 - Another great photo to be posted in Our Familes section of the "Informal Gatherings" Page.  Thank you Lois (Christensen) Bish for sharing with us.

07/12/2019 - New photo of Al Hoppe's family posted in Our Familes section of the "Informal Gatherings" Page.

07/10/2019 - New photo of Janet Columbia's family posted on Our Families section of the "Informal Gatherings" Page

07/09/2019 - The reunion is next week and several people have asked about the dress code.  I have been told it is 'business casual'.  This message was posted by Richard Carballo on the Reunion FaceBook Page

'No suits, ties or gowns are necessary or needed for Reunion 2019.  Dress for comfort but NO shorts.  This is a 5 hour event so be comfortable and let it hang out like it was in the 60's.  White Bucks, saddle shoes and madras shirts will fit right in.'


07/06/2019 - The 60's reunion is less than two weeks away.  Check  "Updates"  for information on all the weekend activities and "Home" page to see who is attending the big event.  

07/01/2019 - July Theme change on the "Home" Page; July Birthdays and Anniversaries on the "Updates"

07/03/2019 - Email addressses for classmates Joan (Cary) and Rick Pastman added to the "Yearbook " page and a new photo of Ginnie (Fal) Cooley and her daughter added to Our Families section of the "Informal Gatherings" page. 

JUNE 2019

06/29/2019  -  New booster added to the "Home" Page.  Thank you Evelyn (Aloisio) Gordon. 

06/27/2019  -  Note and picture from Pat Pandolfi to Marcy posted on 2019 page of the "Informal Gatherings" section. 

06/23/2019  -  Thank you Vic Sassone for the photo to add to our new Celebrity Meetings page found in the "MORE" section, Photos of Rick Pastman added to "Then & Now" and the "Veterans Page"

06/22/2019  -  New photos of Evelyn (Aloisio) & Alan Gordon and Joan (Cary) & Richard Pastman on the Anniversaries page of the "Informal Gatherings" section

06/21/2019  -  One anniversary date added to "Updates"; New photo of Joan (Cary) Pastman added to Then & Now page found on the "MORE"  section of the website.

06/20/2019  -  One item added to "Updates"; John Kollen has been moved to "Gone But Not Forgotten" and new photo added to "Celebrity Meetings"

06/19/2019  -  A new page (Celebrity Meetings) has been added to this site and can be found on the "MORE" page.  If you have any photos you would like to share for this or any other page, please send them to Marcy 

Only 30 days until the Classes of the 60's Gala Event.  Check out the "Updates" Page for some other goings on that weekend. 

06/18/2019  -  Two photos from our classmate Carol (Manning) Del Prete in "Informal Gatherings" ; added photos of Helen (Kollen) Watsky and James Driscoll to the "Gone But Not Forgotten" page thanks to Arnie Runge who created and maintains

06/17/2019  - New photo sent by Pat (McCauley) Mangels posted "Informal Gatherings"

06/16/2019  - New Pages "Anniversaries" and "Weddings"  created.

06/08/2019  Note to Marcy from Steve Weissman on "Update" page

06/06/2019  - New "Anniversary"  photos of Laura (Allen) & Dick Lally, MaryAnn (Lavery) & Harry Turk, Sue (Amrhein) & John Mulligan and Barbara (O'Connell) & Trent Lawrence

06/04/2019 - New photos of Margaret Cassano-Harvey posted in "Then & Now" section.  if you are not already on the page, or would like to update your NOW photos, please send to Marcy

06/03/2019 - Graduation photo added to "Informal Gatherings"  Thanks to Harvey Pearlstein for sharing this great event with the class. 

NOTE:  Please send Marcy your family wedding, engagement, graduation or any photos you would like to share with the class

06/01/2019 - Thank you to new booster Frank Curtin,  theme change for June and list of classmates attending the reunion on the "Home" page; June Anniversary and Birthdays on "Updates" Page; New Wedding Photo of Frank & Rona Curtin (it is never too late to send us a wedding photo, if you haven't already) and Anniversary Photos of Carol (Manning) & Sal Del Prete, Judy (Cottrell) & Glen Wolter,  Pat (McCauley) & Rich Mangels and Roni (Cojac) & Alan Mintz added to the "Weddings/Anniversary" Page

MAY 2019

05/21/2019 -  New Anniversary Photo of Rosemary & Kevin Farrell added to the "Anniversaries/Weddings" section of the Informal Gatherings Page.

05/20/2019 -  New Page School Daze has been added to the "More" section.  Check out the photos and if you can identify any unidentified classmates, please let us know.  If you have any additional photos we would love to add them.

05/15/2019 -  Thank you PAT PANDOLFI-COX  for The Villages (Florida) Newspaper ad for the July Reunion shown on the "Updates" Page

05/13/2019 - New Booster added to "Home" thank you RONI COJAC-MINTZ

05/12/2019 - New item added to "Updates"  ; Photo of Carol Manning-Del Prete and Pat McCauley-Mangels added to Page 2019  and a new Page 2015 - 2017  has been added to "Informal Gatherings" 

05/09/2019 - New link LMHSINMEMORIAM added to All Things Levittown which is found on the "MORE" page.   Many thanks to Arnie John Runge for creating and maintaining this site which is a great tribute to those classmates and teachers who are no longer with us.

05/07/2019 - New photos on the "Informal Gatherings" Page

05/06/2019 - Message from Janet Columbia "Updates"

05/03/2019 -  New photos added to "Family Photos Earlier Years" and "Reunion 1996" has been updated

05/01/2019 -   Theme change for May and list of our classmates attending the reunion on "Home"  Page, Anniversaries and Birthdays on "Updates"  Page;  New Anniversary photos of Sandy (Parrish) & Del Duvall and Phyllis (Peckman) & John Purkey added to "Weddings/Anniversary"   section;  Photo section  "2013 & 2014" added

APRIL 2019

04/28/2019 -   Photos of Super Storm Sandy added to "More", Letter from Doug Greener moved to "Families" section of Informal Gatherings,

04/25/2019 -   New Page "2011 & 2012"  added to Informal Gatherings

04/22/2019 -   Photos added to the Families sections of "Informal Gatherings" 

04/19/2019 -   Passover Greetings on "Updates" from The Greener Family

04/17/2019 -   Informal Gathering "2009 & 2010" photos added;  "Warren Hechinger's "  grandson photos; "Rose Antigiovanni" granddaughter photo;  

04/15/2019 -   Two photos added to "Sandra Findlay-Xanthaky" page;  New photo from Doug Greener added to "Wedding" Page;  Info added on the "July Picnic" to be held the day after the reunion; Informal Gatherings Pages are still a work in progress - Check out the "2007 & 2008" photos.  More to come.

04/10/2019 -   Informal Gatherings Pages are a work in progress - Check out the "1986 - 2006" photos.  

04/05/2019 - Two New Boosters!  LOUISE DeNARDO-CASSANO and DOUG GREENER  thank you both so much for your support.  Photos added to Informal Gatherings "2018" other pages are still a work in progress. Please check out the "Weddings and Anniversary" section and send us your photos.

04/02/2019 - New Booster!  Thank you so much for your support BARBARA O'CONNELL-LAWRENCE!

We received our first ever message see "Updates"  from LOUISE DeNARDO-CASSANO using our "Feedback " page. 

04/01/2019 -  Theme change for April and thanks again to STEVE ROSS for a great new Panther Logo on the "Home"  Page.  

Birthdays, Anniversaries and a note from Harvey Pearlstein "Updates" Page. 

Lois Christensen-Bish wedding photo and date added to Harvey and Meredith's wedding photo "Weddings & Anniversaries" Page

New page "Family Photos" is a work in progress

New Photos added to "Informal Gatherings"

Updated list of those who have paid in full for the "July Gala Reunion"

MARCH 2019

03/30/2019 - New Page added to Informal Gatherings "Weddings/Anniversaries"

03/26/2019 - New page added in the Gone But Not Forgotten section for "Kevin Kinnaly"

03/24/2019 -  New Booster!  PAT PANDOLFI-COX;  Info added to Joe Vincinanza photo in "Our Veterans" ;  New Page "Picnic in the Park 2007" has been added to the site

03/23/2019 - We were saddened to hear of the passing of our classmate Alexandra (Sandy) Findlay-Xanthaky from her sister Carol Findlay.  Condolences to Sandra's siblings Carol (Class of 64) and brother Al (Class of 67)  We have moved Sandra to the "Gone But Not Forgotten Page"

03/21/2019 - New post on "Updates" and new grand baby photo posted "Informal Gatherings"

03/20/2019 - "California Dreaming" has been added to the Senior Trips section, a message from Marcy added to "Informal Gatherings" and Joe Vincinanza has been added to "Our Veterans" Page, correction to photo caption in "2005 Reunions" 

03/19/2019 - "Viva Las Vegas"  has been added to the Senior Trips section, Pat McCauley-Mangels Surgery has been rescheduled "updates" 

03/17/2019 -  An invitation from Doug Greener and a message & video from Marcy added to "Informal Gatherings"

03/15/2019 -  The "Garden Party 2006" has been added in the Senior Trips section

03/13/2019 -  A special thanks to Steve Ross for the photo shop Panther Logo.  Looks great on the "home" page.   New photo is posted on "Informal Gatherings"  and a message from Marcy "Updates"

03/09/2019 - New Booster!  Thank you BOB LEVINE, for the check and nice note.  "updates"

03/08/2019 - "Informal Gatherings"  message from Marcy

03/01/2019 - Change for March Theme, Birthdays, Anniversaries "Updates", The "Gone But Not Forgotten"  Page is now complete as is "The Way We Were Then" Page,  New photo "Informal Gatherings" See new info on "July 2019 Gala Event"


02/24/2019 -  Hope you are planning to come to the "July 2019 Gala Event".  Check out the list of those who plan to attend.

02/20/2019 It is always nice to hear from classmates "updates"

02/19/2019 -  New photos added to "Veterans" Page and  photos of Robert McCarthy on "Gone But Not     Forgotten"    Page,  Check out the "GALA EVENT" Page to see who plans to attend the July Reunion.  ROSEMARY   McNERNEY      was not on the list but recently sent her check to attend.  DON'T MISS OUT - SEND YOUR $ BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! 

02/17/2019 - Two new Grandbaby announcements from Doug Greener and Warren Karp "informal gatherings"


Notes to Marcy from Stu and Lois "updates" - The Class Wills have been added to "The Way We Were Then"

02/11/2019 - We were saddend to hear of the passing of our classmate Robert Stickle from Steve Bitel. Bob's photo will be moved from the yearbook page to "Gone But Not Forgotten"

02/01/2019 - Change for February Theme, Birthdays, Annivesary "Updates" and "2018 Florida Mini Reunion"

 New Address info for Carol Anchor (Zachmann) "Yearbook"

01/18/2019 - New BOOSTER!  Thank you LOUIS CHANIN!

01/15/2019 - End of year messages from Marcy Fall-McNally and Harvey Pearlstein "Updates"

01/13/2019 - Newsday article provided by Rona Selsky  (class of 1965) and photo provided by Richard Carballo (class of 1967) "Informal Gatherings"

01/12/2019 - List of those planning to attend The 60's Mega Reunion "July 2019 Gala Event"   Not to be missed! 

 Could be our last hurrah!!  See the memories of our 50th 

01/07/2019 - Classes of the 60's Mega Reunion "July 2019 Gala Event" 

01/06/2019 -  Sixth grade memories - Submitted by Roni Cojac Mintz, Sixth grade memories "Way We Were"

01/05/2019 - Added 3 new photos shared by Roni Cojac of her 16th Birthday Party in "Way We Were"

01/04/2019 - E-mail from Kathy LoMedico-Polcari "Updates"

01/03/2019 - New BOOSTER!  Thank you TED RICHMAN who donated in memory of his wife TERRY BEITAL-RICHMAN

01/01/2019 - Changed for January Themes, Birthdays, Anniversaries "Updates" and "Informal Gatherings 2019" and four new year BOOSTERS!  Thanks STEVE ROSS, MARCY McNALLY-FALL, HARVEY PEARLSTEIN & HONEY MURWAY-COTTRELL

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